BREAKING: Alberta not requiring COVID vaccines for K-12 students

BREAKING: Alberta not requiring COVID vaccines for K-12 students
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In a letter to parents, posted to Alberta Education Minister Adriana LaGrange’s Twitter account, she promised that school authorities cannot deny Alberta students access to publicly funded schooling based on vaccination status:

“All students deserve access to education, regardless of their immunization status. As COVID-19 vaccines become available for younger children, I expect school authorities to continue to provide students with a quality education.”

“There is no legislation in Alberta that requires K-12 students to have specific vaccinations to attend in-person schools, nor is Alberta Education considering mandating vaccines of any kind for students in the K-12 education system.”

Premier Jason Kenney went one step further, tweeting that “any school board that attempts to implement one will be held accountable.”

However, many Alberta post-secondary education institutions have imposed a vaccine passport for staff and students.

Edmonton’s Concordia University has been reportedly denying religious exemptions to the mandate from staff and students. Lakeland College in Vermillion has imposed a vax-pass mandate at the agricultural and technical school two and a half hours east of the capital city, with non-COVID-compliant students subject to constant testing.

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