Dr. Ros Jones Two Minutes to Save Children

Dr. Ros Jones Two Minutes to Save Children
Global Research / Dr. Mark Trozzi

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The covid criminals are still not satisfied, even though their forced injection campaigns have killed more people than decades of all real vaccines combined. They know that this record death toll is just the beginning, because there are many more adverse events to unfold over the months and years after the victims are injected. For a comprehensive investigation into many of the ways these injections harm and kill, and what to expect in short, medium and long term, click here.

Now they want the kids.

The children have been muzzled, denied, mentally abused, imprisoned and terrorized by the covid agenda. They have statistical zero risk of serious disease from covid, and none of this abuse has been scientific or justified. Children can only be micro-biologically safe, if they are unmasked, freed, fed natural food, allowed to live, play and develop healthy natural immune systems.

We recommend this reading.

The injections are Not Safe and Not Effective.

The administrators of the Covid agenda, are violent criminals who must not be trusted.

Veteran pediatrician and grandmother Dr Ros Jones, is no “anti-vaxer”. She has always supported actual “vaccines” for both her family and patients. However, she is vehemently against these injections which are being forced upon mankind, and which are now aimed at our children. Dr Jones makes her case very briefly here in 2 minutes 18 seconds. Thanks for reading, watching and sharing.

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