Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea’s Husband, to Face Military Tribunal

Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea’s Husband, to Face Military Tribunal
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It was thought that Marc Mezvinsky, husband to the late Chelsea Clinton, had struck an immunity from prosecution deal with the Office of Military Commissions and the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, but Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall announced on Tuesday that Mezvinsky, whose testimony helped convict Clinton, will indeed be prosecuted as a co-conspirator to Chelsea’s crimes.

A JAG source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Rear Adm. Crandall revoked Mezvinsky’s immunity plea after learning that he had marginalized his role in Hillary and Chelsea’s child trafficking ring. At Clinton’s tribunal Mezvinsky had painted himself a victim, claiming the Clintons had made him an indentured servant in exchange for allowing Chelsea to be his bride. Mezvinsky testified under oath that the scope of his crime was destroying records linking the Clintons to the sale of underage boys and girls. He had told the Office of Military Commissions that his undying, amorous affection for Chelsea led him down a deep, dark path of self-regrets.

Although JAG and the OMC had not previously disclosed Mezvinsky’s fate, RRN heard through sources that Mezvinsky would be released from custody for having testified against Chelsea, presumably to care for his own children—odd since he helped destroy the lives of so many others.

On Tuesday, November 16, Rear Adm. Crandall said new evidence will clearly illustrate that Mezvinsky did far more than burn and shred and digitally cleanse evidence of the Clintons’ crimes. RRN has not been made aware of what that evidence might be, but it must be damning because Rear Adm. Crandall will ask the tribunal to consider capital punishment.

“The investigation into Clinton crimes didn’t end with Hillary’s death, not with Chelsea’s either. It’s been ongoing. There’s been an ongoing effort to identify kids whom the Clintons victimized—establishing their identities and getting testimony from ones that escaped fates worse than death. All I can say right now is Mezvinsky minimalized his involvement; the rest will come out at trial,” our source said.

Mezvinsky, he added, has been “detained” at Guantanamo Bay ever since his apprehension. Unlike other GITMO “guests,” Mezvinsky has avoided Camp Delta and instead been housed in barracks modernized to appear like a contemporary apartment.

“That will now change, now that he’s indicted and not a witness. On Monday he’ll be moved to Delta to await his tribunal, which will begin after Thanksgiving weekend. He’s been a wreck since Chelsea got hanged,” our source said.

Mezvinsky has reportedly lamented his wife’s death, sobbing indefatigably over his lost love.

“Seems like he really loved her, still does. It’s tragic misplaced love pushed him to a criminal life, and how he must pay the price,” our source said.

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