Dutch Police Opened Fire on Citizens Protesting COVID-19 Tyranny

Dutch Police Opened Fire on Citizens Protesting COVID-19 Tyranny
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Police opened fire on protesters in rioting that erupted in downtown Rotterdam around a demonstration against COVID-19 restrictions late Friday night. The Dutch city’s mayor called it “an orgy of violence.”

by Geoffrey Grider

dutch police opened fire on citizens protesting covid 19 tyranny

Right now across Europe a battle is being waged, a battle to decide if people still have the right to determine their own futures, or will they become slaves and vassals of the state. This battle is not limited to Europe, but we see it in Australia, New Zealand, American and Australia.

This is the New World Order attempting to stamp their boot on the necks of every living human being on Earth. The Bible has already informed us who wins this battle.

“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.” Daniel 7:25 (King James Bible)

In the short term, the New World Order will be quite successful, and under the leadership of Antichrist, it will seem as if victory has been achieved. You and I in the Body of Christ will be safely at Home in Heaven during this time period, but before we board Flight #777, let’s make sure we’ve done out best to fill as many seats as possible. To the FIGHT!!!

‘Orgy of violence’: Dutch police open fire on rioters

From the AP: Police said that two rioters were hospitalized after being hit by bullets and investigations were underway to establish if they were shot by police. The condition of the injured rioters was not disclosed.

Officers arrested 51 people, about half of them minors, police said Saturday afternoon. One police officer was hospitalized with a leg injury sustained in the rioting, another was treated by ambulance staff and “countless” others suffered minor injuries.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb told reporters in the early hours of Saturday morning that “on a number of occasions the police felt it necessary to draw their weapons to defend themselves” as rioters ran rampage through the port city’s central shopping district, setting fires and throwing rocks and fireworks at officers.

“They shot at protesters, people were injured,” Aboutaleb said. He did not have details on the injuries. Police also fired warning shots.

Source: Nowtheendbegins.com / Reference: APnews.com

Original Article: https://humansarefree.com/2021/11/dutch-police-opened-fire-on-citizens-protesting-covid-19-tyranny.html

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• War has been declared by our governments against the people.

• They are illegally going against our constitutions and international law.

• Human rights violations are personal liability. Meaning every police officer or judge or anyone violating your rights is personally liable and face life in prison for their actions.

• Following orders or local laws is not a valid defence.

• Governments are committing genocide with the deadly vaccines.

• Mainstream media is complicit in this genocide.

• 2020 had no excess deaths as there was no virus and no pandemic.

• 2021 excess deaths are already up 30% due to the vaccine adverse reactions.

• They will try to hide the vaccine deaths by blaming a new variant or virus or biological attack.

• They will try to force vaccinate everyone.

• Organize, stock up, share the truth and prepare for war.

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