Is Our National Average I.Q. Really 68?

Is Our National Average I.Q. Really 68?
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By Anna Von Reitz

That’s what I was told tonight.

The fruits of Jimmy Carter’s Federal Department of Education on parade.

Here’s some Fine Flying Factoids for everyone to catch up on.
The Federal Reserve System went bankrupt in 2009.

Federal Reserve Notes are military script I.O.U.’s issued against our credit by a foreign incorporated Subcontractor that has no authority to coin money (that’s a right retained by the States of the Union) or create currency (that’s a right granted to the Federal Republic that has been in mothballs for 160 years).

So everyone tell me — if the “Federal Reserve System” TM didn’t have the right to coin money and didn’t have the delegated authority to create currency — and has been bankrupt since 2009—- exactly what granted authority did they ever have to create debt for everyone else? And what kind of lunacy has prevailed since 2009?

If we and our assets and our energy are the source of the backing for their money, how are we indebted to them? Looks to me like they are the ones carrying the “National Debt” and we are carrying the “National Credit” but nobody is doing the math and balancing the books.

It is in fact impossible for a debt-credit monetary system to acquire debt, because every transaction in such a system is a “zero sum transaction”. It carries no debt or credit forward, except in terms of payment.

Payment is a different issue. Payment involves actual exchange of goods or services—what’s called “true consideration” not “consideration in anticipation”. Thus, while there is no gathering of debt possible in a debt-credit monetary system, there is arrearage of actual payments piling up and up and up.

Virtually nobody in America has actually been paid for anything since the Federal Reserve Act.

That’s why the antiquated but common language inserted into warranty deeds rings so hollow and has so many implications: “for the value of ten dollars paid in hand and other valuable considerations” is language that hasn’t been honored in a hundred years— and its acceptance in land transfer agreements invalidates those agreements by the millions.

Unless you actually grabbed Ralph Seller by the hand and plinked ten silver dollars into his palm, you don’t actually own whatever you thought you were buying. You didn’t complete the contract. He’s still holding his palm out, expecting those ten silver dollars. Even if he will accept the payment forty years later, and assuming that he’s alive, you’d better have ten silver dollars tucked away somewhere…..

But it gets worse — what if Ralph Seller didn’t pay ten dollars in silver in hand to whoever sold the property to him? Just extrapolate all the way back. According to that, the only people who actually own land in this country are those who paid the “gratuity” in silver, and those who owned land before the Civil War and haven’t sold it, or those, like me, who recognized the ruse and changed the offending language to make tit match tat in the bargain.

At least we got the Queen’s Title free and clear.

These are conundrums and swindles that are only possible when you have two completely different financial systems occupying the same space—one based on commercial paper, and one based on actual asset exchange.

We, Americans, have a system based on actual asset exchange. Our Federal Subcontractors are obliged to operate on credit that our American Congress is supposed to dole out to them in a responsible fashion, but what happens when our Congress stops meeting?

And nobody notices?

They substitute their “Congress” for our Congress, grab the bit in their teeth, and begin allocating large sums of our credit to pay and suit themselves.

And although its fraud and crime against their Employers, they’ve gotten away with it for over a hundred years.

Think about that.

Think about most land sales in this country since 1913 being invalidated. Think about the vast payment arrearages involved because you were never actually paid for anything.

Now, this all may be very difficult for someone with an I.Q. of 68 to grasp, so let me dope it out for you:

You’ve been cheated by people who owed you good faith service.

In addition to passing off I.O.U’s as “payment” for goods and services, they’ve thrown their debts off on you and expect you to pay yourself for your own losses.

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