Looking for a job that doesn’t require the jab? This employment service has you covered

Looking for a job that doesn’t require the jab? This employment service has you covered
News – Rebel News / Drea Humphrey

Thousands of skilled professionals across Canada have lost their jobs, or have been laid off without pay, simply because of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

If that’s you — a B.C. man named George Douklias has created a non-discriminatory employment service called Jabless Jobs, showcasing companies who are hiring that will not discriminate against applicants who are unvaccinated.

“We don’t ask — if someone who is vaccinated wants to find a job through us because it matches their ethics, that’s perfectly fine too.” The site has been gaining traction through its Telegram channels for different regions across Canada. It is similar to that of another channel based out of Australia.

Click here to learn more about the employment service from Douklias — and if you happen to be a business that won’t discriminate against patrons based on their vaccinated status, you can get your free sticker saying so at WeWontAsk.com

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