Police Confront Demonstrators as Lockdown Protests in Netherlands Turn Violent

Police Confront Demonstrators as Lockdown Protests in Netherlands Turn Violent
David Icke / Richard Willet – Memes and headline comments by David Icke

Protesters hit the streets of Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Friday after the government announced new Covid lockdown restrictions set to last another three weeks.

Footage out of the Dutch city shows fires scattered throughout several blocks as hundreds of people took to the streets, with police attempting to quell the violence.

“Police in Rotterdam have fired warning shots, injuring protesters, as riots broke out in central Rotterdam at a demonstration against government plans to restrict access for unvaccinated people to some venues,” reported the Guardian.

“Local media said gangs of soccer hooligans were involved in the rioting.”

Videos showed explosions going off, presumably from fireworks, and also featured police vehicles set on fire. Gunshots can be heard in other videos

NOW – Chaos in #Rotterdam. Sounds of explosions and gunfire.pic.twitter.com/CvNidiLM2x

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) November 19, 2021

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