The Actual, Hopium-Free Reality

The Actual, Hopium-Free Reality
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From our friend starlight432.blogspot:

(This is post is not a certainty. There are relevant parts to consider though. People do need to push back really hard against the negative elites and their minions.)

Here is the 100% hopium-free reality of the situation:

If the civilian populations have a large enough uprising against covid NWO tyranny, the surface population might be able to liberate the planet. At best, this is only a maybe.

The uprisings would need to consist of more than just protests. An all-out war must be declared against the negative elites and their minions. The surface population may suffer casualties for these uprisings.

There has been and there is no positive Et intervention to remove the negative elites and their minions from power on the planet surface, and militaries should not be relied upon for this task. Positive Et life does exist in the universe, but is not here in the capacity to remove the negative elites and their minions from power, and militaries have repeatedly failed to take action. Therefore, it is 100% up to the civilian populations to remove the negative elites and their minions from power. Failure to do so will result in the planet-wide finalization of a negative elite dystopia, ensuring certain doom for the surface population and planetary annihilation from AI.

The #1 thing the negative elites and their minions fear is the surface population taking matters into their own hands. In addition to the mainstream narrative and big tech censorship being used to subdue the masses, there are also hopium psychological operations in place (Q and so forth) to ensure that the awakened part of the surface population remain docile and complacent. Don’t fall for it!

Reports already show that a great number of children are dying from the experimental drugs. Recently, the experimental drugs have been approved for children as young as five. Now the experimental drugs are being pushed on young children. This is the final straw. It’s time for the surface population to take drastic action.

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Dylan Eleven |

• War has been declared by our governments against the people.

• They are illegally going against our constitutions and international law.

• Human rights violations are personal liability. Meaning every police officer or judge or anyone violating your rights is personally liable and face life in prison for their actions.

• Following orders or local laws is not a valid defence.

• Governments are committing genocide with the deadly vaccines.

• Mainstream media is complicit in this genocide.

• 2020 had no excess deaths as there was no virus and no pandemic.

• 2021 excess deaths are already up 30% due to the vaccine adverse reactions.

• They will try to hide the vaccine deaths by blaming a new variant or virus or biological attack.

• They will try to force vaccinate everyone.

• Organize, stock up, share the truth and prepare for war.

• Independent media is fighting in this war to arm you with the truth and to help unite us all. Please help support Independent media.

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