“Flat, round, who cares, just get these bastards outta here!”

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com | Nov 21 2021

The title of this article is a direct quote from my wife this morning regarding the topic of flat earth. And I agree our focus is to free the world from the current threat of genocide by a satanic 1%. So for one article only I will take a moment to look at this concept. And then it’s back to work to help unite us with the truth to take out these bastards.

I have researched the flat vs round earth theory’s. I have come across a lot of flat earth info that does not make any sense. Many videos draw conclusions based upon things you can’t prove.

For example. One suggestion is because there is no photos of the earth that are real showing the blue marble as they call it that it must be flat.

This could simply be that we can’t actually get far enough away to take that picture of the planet.

I have not posted any articles or videos that have these type of conclusions. I have posted some articles showing certain videos that at tell part of the story. For example the video of 7 rockets hitting what seems to be a dome that covers our planet.

There is a lot of obviously false information out there on the flat earth concept. So much that at first glance as a journalist it seemed like a story being put out for independent media to pick up to discredit them. “Look at these independent media outlets saying the earth is flat…. Lol”

I looked at the concept of flat or globe logically and have been asking certain questions for years and not had them answered. Mostly because I don’t have a plane to fly in a strait line over several different angles to actually see if I end up at the same spot. And I don’t have a rocket to get far enough away to see earth for myself.

These and many other questions I have had on this subject are discussed in the following film.

The first flat earth video I have ever posted on Truth11.com in 16 years.

I think this video answers many of my questions and clarifies that there are lies being told. There is provable ways we can actually prove certain facts ourselves that point to a flat reality.

To this date, with 8,800+ articles I have researched and posted on Truth11.com I do not think any of them are incorrect or a lie. Except for one image that I am now not convinced of 100% and I cannot prove it is 100% true. That image is on our main menu. In fact it is our logo put onto an image that I thought to be real. Below:

The highlight is pointing to the curve of the earth, which is something I cannot prove.

Therefore I will be removing the background image from our logo.

The video below is the reason why. Watch it for yourself and see if it answers many questions that you have also considered.

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