Fake vaccine sterilisation – delivery system is from a company that makes horse sterilisation produc ts

Fake vaccine sterilisation – delivery system is from a company that makes horse sterilisation products
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PZP is used to sterilise wild horses in America. The first 2 doses must be taken within 2 to 6 weeks apart with a 8 month to yearly booster follow up. This reduces pregnancy rate 80%-90%.

Something about the schedule sounds familiar. Pfizer CEO is also a veterinarian… how convenient

This is a potential nail in the coffin for Pfizer – SpayVac’s DPX lipid nanoparticle delivery system.

SpayVac produces the PZP infertility vaccine. They licensed their DPX lipid nanoparticle delivery technology to Pfizer for them to make the COVID vaccine.
The PZP vaccine doesn’t cause immediate sterility – it takes over a year to appear. (Funny, Pfizer only studied a few months.) But PZP causes short term menstrual cycle changes as the immune system attacks the ovary cells. The SAME menstrual changes are being seen in women WORLDWIDE.
PZP requires storage temperatures down to -40C, unusual for most vaccines. Also, it requires two first shots given 2-6 weeks apart then a booster from 6-12 months, depending on species.
They created the DPX liposome technology to make sure the vaccine reaches its target destination and patented it under IMV Inc. IMV partnered with Pfizer in 2020 to produce the COVID vaccine, using the same liposome technology, now called the lipid nanoparticle delivery system.
This DPX lipid nanoparticle system is designed as a “NO-RELEASE” system. It will NOT release anything at the injection site. Rather only at the “target destination”, which for the PZP vaccine was the ovaries and, also, the spleen which had similar receptors.
The Pfizer injection also concentrates at the spleen and ovaries. Makes sense as they use the identical delivery system. Look at the below source in Table 2. Look at the concentration, NOT the % dose of injection. The small intestines have a huge % of dose but they are way larger than the ovaries. The ovaries have a massive concentration in regards to their size.
It stays at the injection site, but the lipid nanoparticle will ONLY open at the target site. So effectively anything at the injection site is inactive and waiting to be released. This works like a long-acting drug. It will never open and release the treatment/mRNA at the site of injection – only as the lipid nanoparticle shella migrate from the injection site to a target destination will they open up and release the treatment.
The way the PZP vaccine works is it triggers an immune response against the invasive pig ovary eggs. The immune system then creates antibodies for the pig egg, but it goes overboard and targets parts that are also on the normal non-invasive eggs. Over time after re-exposure, or in the case of the DPX delivery system a long term release, the normal non-invasive eggs will be viewed as hostile and attacked.

The Pfizer vaccine works in a SIMILAR WAY. The DPX delivery system brings the mRNA vaccine to the ovaries (and other areas). The lipid nanoparticle opens and releases mRNA which will convert ovary cells into a virus/ovary hybrid that the immune system will attack. Once it kills the mutated ovary cell, it will mark various parts of the “pathogen” with antibodies. This has a HIGH CHANCE over repeat exposure it will view the ovary cells and eggs themselves as hostile, potentially causing the immune system to attack ovary cells.
Please share this. They are using a delivery system developed by a company that was designed to sterilize animal populations. The fact that infertility as an outcome is disregarded and wasn’t even tested despite this knowledge should be criminal.

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