The Waukesha Tragedy – Exclusive Report

The Waukesha Tragedy – Exclusive Report

The deadly attack killing and injuring Wisconsin children, the elderly, band members, and cheerleaders by an SUV during the annual Christmas Parade in Waukesha was the last thing America needed.

Just days after the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal drove the hordes of Marxists back into the streets, the optics of the tragedy were nauseating and infuriating to most Americans.


From the outset, the facts were hard to come by, even as the police held two press briefings revealing very little about the deceased, injured, the driver and the details.

Immediately, leftist sociopaths began tweeting their twisted opinion of the horrific events, some trolling that the driver was acting in self-defense while others blamed white supremacy by claiming the driver was a white supremacist or was fleeing white supremacy.

This as the mockingbird media diverted the narrative that was growing into a scenario far more sinister than the events of Charlottesville as eyewitnesses reported seeing a black man driving the SUV that plowed over parade revelers leaving five deceased and more than forty injured.

Meanwhile, the left’s rhetoric that leads all the way to the White House became suspect in the whole debacle.

But as the police scanner audio leaked info on social media, the driver turned out to be Milwaukee rapper Mathboi Fly aka Darrell E. Brooks, black male, late 30s with a wrap sheet of domestic abuse including a felony for reckless endangerment.

Brooks’ social media posts run the gamut on the White Supremacy boogeyman brainwashing.


And before the media begins making excuses for Darrell E Brooks, claiming that he was fleeing and panicked and should not be regarded as a terrorist, numerous videos reveal that no police were pursuing him except for one on foot after he began driving over people.

There was plenty of daylight.

Brooks could see the women and children he was plowing over with the SUV.

Brooks passed several streets that could have taken him away from the crowd.

Brooks could have stopped the vehicle at any moment or driven it away from the crowd into a store or another vehicle, but he kept on going, disregarding the innocent American lives that were beneath him.

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