Plague Of Corruption. How to cure autism using methods that are available. (and mitigate the effects of vaccines)

Plague Of Corruption. How to cure autism using methods that are available. (and mitigate the effects of vaccines)
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Extracted from Plague Of Corruption. by Dr Judy Mikovits.

I mentioned the observations of Dr Robert Naviaux, a researcher from the University of California, San Diego, whom I consider to be one of the best…..

He hypothises our modern world is triggering an ancient cellular defence system known as the ‘cell danger response’. He compares it to a castle in the Middle Ages that was designed to be an impregnable fortress, used by the locals in times of emergency. When invaders came and could not be defeated…., the villagers would run to the castle, the drawbridges would be raised, and the population could remain there in safety until the threat had passed. Naviaux believes our cells utilise a similar strategy when confronted by pathogens. However, what would happen if the threat remained persistent? The villagers would never come out of the castle. Normal commerce could not resume. While among humans there would be starvation, and likely cannibalism, in such a scenario, for the cell, it would need to go into a state of virtual hibernation.

An article about Naviaux’ research…..describes the main points ..

‘When cells are exposed to classical forms of danger, such as virus, infection, or a toxic environmental substance, a defence mechanism is activated,’ Naviaux explained. ‘ This results in a chnage to metabolism and gene expression and reduces the communication between neighbouring cells. Simply put, when cells stop talking to each other, with autism, children stop talking.’


We need a clear marker so we can answer the questions of whether the body is in the cell danger response and what we might do to send the all-clear signal to the body. Naviaux identified senenteen inflammatory signalling molecules that identify that mitochondria is in the stressed state of the cell danger response, These are called ‘mitokines’ and Naviaux measured them with a….progammed mass spectrometer in his lab.

Naviaux identified a promising drug that was likely to quiet the cell danger response. It is called Suramin and has been used for over a hundred years to cure African Sleeping Sickness. I was familiar with suramin because I’d worked with it in the early cancer and AIDS drug trials, and for some patients it produced fabulous results.

The book Plague Of Corruption describes some amazing recoveries of children from autism using Suramin. Written by Dr Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively. Their next book is out about two months in the US – and I’ve ordered it as it’s now around via Amazon – called Ending Plague.

TAP – I am picking pine needles and chewing them whenever I see a fir tree in range – there are loads everywhere. My own CFS is improved with the usual evening sleep in the chair not so frequent or long, and I am able also to get up early to get kids on buses which I found very tough going not long ago. I am drinking lots of Kefir from Sainsbury or Waitrose which has Vitamin B12 and loads of probiotic, which might also be helping. Dr Mikovits also writes about deuterium depleted water as a cure, available online, cannabis plant whole to eat or drink (ask your smoking friends to get some and eat it!), ozone creams on the skin – and there will be more I am sure in her latest book to stop the vaxx injuries.

The same way they stopped HIV RNA talking to DNA and cured AIDS, could be used possibly to stop the mRNA in the vaccine, in the same way by blocking the transcriptase enzyme.

Here is how to make deuterium depleted water at home in your freezer. Putting the water in your freezer until it begins to freeze is a great way to remove the deuterium from your water, because the freezing point of deuterium is higher than the freezing point of water, which means it will freeze first. After the water has begun to freeze, new drain off the water into another container, and through the ice away. The remainder will be DDW water. The ice contains the deuterium, so throwing it away will reduce the deuterium count in the water that remains. That is how you can make deuterium depleted water at home.

Or buy it on Amazon – not cheap.


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