🚦GO TO ALERT 🚦Group Response Required – Concept

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com | Nov 26 2021

Strength in numbers. United we stand. In group protests we are all assembled. But for people at home alone or at work or in their own business, they may not have the benefit of a large group of people to provide witness to the situation or to provide support to resist violations of our rights.

If we introduce a universal phrase that can be posted by anyone in any forum that will alert everyone in that group to attend a location to provide support to an individual or small group that needs a larger response.

This is not to initiate violence but the mere presence of winesses will be able to avert many violations of our rights.

As our governments become more tyrannical such as forced vaccinations, our group response to stop these genocidal acts will be life saving.

Forced vaccinations are being tested around the world. We now need a group response to arrive at the locations they hit for these death squad campaigns. To assist those who are being attacked. If we have a organized resistance they will not be easily able to mass murder everyone. We can stop this genocide.

In northern Australian areas for example. They need an immediate response of anyone in the area to go and stop this genocide.

We are at war. War has been declared upon us. We need to be able to deploy our resistance beyond pre planned events. We need quick action group responses to provide strength in numbers and unite our efforts more efficiently.

We should start these now to help people who stores are being harassed by covid police carrying out unconstitutional and illegal orders. Or schools that are vaccinating children without approval of the parents.

Or any situation that requires people to provide support instantly in a flash mob type idea.

My suggestion for this is using common emojis. This is just an example. A start. It does not have to be used if anyone wants to come up with a better alert please do so. Here is one suggestion to get us started.


Group Response Required

Contact # or info:

(Delete alert when situation no longer requires a group response)


If we let them they will take their time and move without resistance through our cities and towns. But if they meet group resistance at every turn we can stop this genocidal operation.

Grass roots local organized groups to stand together against tyranny.

Can someone please post in groups in northern Australia a 🚦GROUP GO ALERT 🚦to go and help the aboriginal tribes that are being force vaccinated. Thank you!

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