About the Military

About the Military
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By Anna Von Reitz

There are two military forces “serving” this country, not one.

There is the Territorial Military which does business using Proper Names styled in Upper and Lower Case, like this: Department of the Army, United States Army, United States Air Force, and so on.

There is the Municipal Military which does business using all-capital abbreviations and/or acronyms like this: DOD, USAF, US NAVY, etc.

Both these “militaries” are not really militaries. They are mercenary forces owned and operated by two giant commercial corporations in the business of providing “essential government services”.

Both of these giant commercial services corporations are ultimately owned and operated by the Pope, one generally owing loyalty to Great Britain and the other one owing loyalty to the other EU nations —-and neither one actually owing loyalty to us, their erstwhile American Employers.

And now you can understand why no matter who is in power or which political party gains traction at any given moment, you, Joe Q. Public, are pillaged and plundered just the same.

From their standpoint, you are for dinner either way. It’s just an argument about who gets the lion’s share of the plunder — the EU or Great Britain? DOD or Department of Defense?

So now you can also understand why both Trump and Biden have been pushing vaccines for profit — because both their huge commercial government services corporations are hungry and Pfizer has offered them money. Lots of it.

And finally, and this is really the point of posting this —- you can all see why the military is part of the problem and not likely to be part of the answer. Guaranteed — they are not coming to save you.

They don’t even know what their job is anymore.

The idea that they are supposed to protect this country and its people from harm kinda got lost in between guarding opium poppy fields in Afghanistan and blowing up Libya for trying to go on the gold standard and selling Stinger Missiles to ISIS and delivering helicopter money to Iran.

No, if you want protection you are going to have to do it yourself.

Give up the Hopium and the Sit-at-Home Narrative. Both “the” militaries had the opportunity to be the heroes thirty years ago, when General Roy Schwasinger exposed the rot with the Farm Union Cases, and again, more recently, when the Paradigm Project did the same.

The militaries didn’t do anything then. They aren’t doing anything now.

They have been part of the problem ever since Sherman winked at Grant, and Grant didn’t go to the Ford Theater on a certain night in April 1865.

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