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Dylan Eleven | | Nov 27 2021 is about truth. We research thoroughly and use our knowledge and experience to assess what is truth and we work full time to report the truth to you.

We have a very good track record for being accurate over the past 16 years.

I am concerned however about one source we have posted articles from. I have written about my concerns with this source before.

We are not finding enough correlation with events and we are only hearing these events from this one source. Real Raw News and Mike Baxter.

This is in no way an attack on that news outlet. Or his/their reputation. This is my right as a editor and journalist to confirm, analyze and question the the truth and the sources I get the truth from to report to my readers on

The style of the articles from real raw news are written with military precision and complex detail. So much that it adds some validity to this source of information. Janet Ossenbard (Fall of the Cabal) other people have also quoted this source and her feelings were the same; Why would anyone write in such detail and precision? it may have truth to it as they claim this information is leaked directly from a military source present in these proceedings.

However we have been watching these articles carefully and yes there has been some correlation with deaths and disappearances of certain people and not of others.

So much correlation that we have posted these articles about arrests and hangings at Guantanamo bay. We have also written our concerns with this information in previous articles.

As we have done with certain internet journalists and you tube personalities we have steered clear of many of their claims and articles. I will not be posting any more articles from Real Raw News until I am convinced of their motives.

My reasons for questioning the validity and true intention of these articles is I feel they may be written, on purpose as a sick joke that is not helpful to the truth movement and the unification of the people. If these are satirical writings pretending to be factual it is a pathetic act from this person, and a waste of everyone’s time. If they are not, and they are actually true then I apologize. But I’m not comfortable enough one way I the other to post these articles from Real Raw News.

On Real Raw News web site they state their lawyers have instructed them to claim the articles are satire and they allude to this being only a legal statement, not because they are are satire. But they are not clear.

This statement is questionable. Their information is not being reported from any other source. No cross referencing from other journalists.

If you would like to read more from this source you will have to go directly to that web site.

If this information is proven to be true in the future then I will report that I was wrong. In the mean time I am not personally comfortable with this source and I apologize to our readers of if this information was and is satirical writing disguised as the truth.

This is not a personal attack on real raw news or Mike Baxter. I just choose not to quote this source until I am confident it is true journalism and not satirical writing.



I have had several people reach out with support of this decision. Thank you for your feedback.

This has been sent to me by a reader:

As part of its review of Real Raw News, NewsGuard reached out to the email address that was connected to a PayPal account on the website. (The PayPal link is no longer listed on the site.) NewsGuard received a reply from an email account named “Twisted Truth.”

“It’s a satire site, exposing the insanity of rabid Trumpists (who lack the mental wherewithal to distinguish fact from fiction),” the email from Twisted Truth said, according to NewsGuard.

Searching the internet for “Twisted Truth” and “Michael Baxter,” PolitiFact discovered a website called, as well as a corresponding YouTube page… <<< from the article…

There is also the fact he has, under the name of Michael Tuffin for RRN, opened a number of GoFundMe and GiveSendGo accounts and raked in somewhere in the neighborhood of 80,000.00 to 100,000.00 between them since Google took his ads away earlier this year. He switched from GoFundMe to GiveSendGo on the advice of his commentors to save on fees. Feel free to do a FIND “author” search on his articles’ comment sections since spring to confirm. Lately, he puts them up practically back to back. The latest… This one is only for 10,000.00. The couple before this were for 20,000.00 and 25,000.00. All meet or exceed the goal. Truth or scam, it has been quite lucrative.

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