MSM Blind to the Elephant in the Room

MSM Blind to the Elephant in the Room
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman


Surging flu/covid outbreaks in Europe, parts of the US, Israel, and elsewhere were not only expected, they were likely planned.

Jabs weren’t designed to protect, just the opposite. They’re all high risk and harm with no rewards.

They leave individuals more vulnerable to contracting flu/covid, as well as potentially deadly diseases.

The power of endless mind-manipulating repetition by dark forces and their MSM co-conspirators brainwashed millions in the US/West and elsewhere to unwittingly destroy their health.

On Friday, WaPo discussed surging outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths in Europe.

“What’s driving the surge,” it asked?

Instead of laying blame where it belongs, WaPo attributes them to the more scariant than variant delta, gatherings indoors unmasked, and of course the unjabbed — the pro-toxic mass-jabbing WHO its source.

All of the above have nothing to do with rising numbers of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations, overworked ICU staff and deaths.

The elephant in the room real issue consistently goes unexplained.

As kill shots increase, so do all of the above.

Turning things around for restoration of normality requires a halt to mass-jabbing madness and all else flu/covid related.

Instead, draconian US/Western policies call for more of what’s driving a surge of illnesses.

Why? To make an increasingly bad situation worse as part of planned depopulation and as a pretext for more freedom-destroying restrictions.

Nothing mandated is with protecting health and well-being in mind.

Lockdowns and other restrictions are back in parts of Europe.

Likely heading elsewhere on the continent, will they be imposed again in the US?

Perhaps before winter’s end, free and open European societies will be gone.

The same goes for the US.

On Friday, the pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT said outbreaks are surging in the northeast, midwest and west.

Defying science, the Times blamed a growing US surge on the unjabbed, nonobservance of restrictions and waning immunity — fake reasons to divert attention from legitimate ones.

Areas of the country with most heavily jabbed populations are experiencing the highest number of outbreaks.

Conversely, where jabbing rates are lowest, so are numbers of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The Times and other MSM hyped a new more scariant than variant in South Africa, discussed in a previous article.

Dubiously claiming it marks a “big jump in evolution” is fake news rubbish with heightened fear-mongering in mind.

According to National Pentagon Radio (NPR) on Friday, EU countries want flights from southern Africa halted over the new strain.

No more scariant than other variants on a continent with largely unjabbed populations, low outbreaks and use of known safe and effective protocols like ivermectin as necessary, African nations should halt inbound European fights over the other way around.

Outgoing German health minister Jens Spahn defied science — again — saying:

“The last thing we need is to bring in a new” scariant.

Over-the-top EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen proposed an “emergency brake to stop air travel from the southern African region (sic).”

Perhaps to be adopted before end of day Friday, the proposed restriction will only allow in flights from southern Africa with EU passengers returning home on board.

On arrival, they’ll be quarantined for two weeks — whether fully-jabbed or not, even if experiencing no signs of illness.

Hardened restrictions imposed by US/Western countries since last did nothing to protect health, nothing to curb outbreaks, just the opposite.

Fear-mongering about a more scariant than variant/more transmissible strain that jabbing may be less effective against is all about manipulating people to accept freedom-destroying restrictions, along with making the case for forever-jabbing with newly designed kill shots.

Like his monster US counterparts

Fauci and Walensky, WHO Europe director Hans Kluge claimed that the continent could see another 700,000 deaths by spring without hardened draconian measures on top of current ones.

Left unexplained is that individuals jabbed one or more times account for the vast majority of adverse events and deaths.

Individuals with natural immunity and unjabbed ones are safest of all.

What MSM should highlight, it suppresses.

What it urges is all about destroying health and freedom.

That’s what renaming seasonal flu covid has been all about.

Fabricated claims otherwise are MSM-proliferated fake news — based on state-approved talking points.

A Final Comment

The NYT finds new ways to embarrass itself.

Republicans against draconian flu/covid mandates, especially kill shots, are on the right side of history and the rule of law.

Not according to Times fake news, saying:

Republicans “spent months flouting mask ordinances and blocking the (Biden regime’s) mask mandates, and the party’s base has undermined (mass-jabbing) drives while rallying around those who refuse” to be jabbed, adding:

ICUs and morgues (are) strained to capacity by the un(jabbed) (sic).”

Fact check:

Most Republicans support jabs.

They oppose draconian/unconstitutional mandates — backed by Dems, the Times and most other MSM.

They’re flagrantly illegal by breaching international and constitutional law.

What the Times and most other MSM should explain, they suppress.

What they report and support is all about destroying public health and freedom.

Jabbed individuals account for the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks and other illnesses caused by kill shots.

As usual, the Times suppresses indisputable facts in favor of bald-faced Big Lies.

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