Rome is The Problem

Rome is The Problem
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By Anna Von Reitz

Though we wish it were not true, and that our brethren in Rome were happy people content to enjoy life and the beauty of this planet without constantly craving the blood, sweat, and tears of everyone else, history has proven otherwise.

Rome has been the center of power, the Great Navel on this planet for the past two thousand-plus years, and most of the time, we’ve all been made miserable for its sake.

So if you want to understand the power dynamics of the current genocide, you must understand Rome.

And you must know that Rome is evil.

Rome inherited this same evil from Babylon and Greece and Carthage, but in the peculiarly stubborn way of the Romans, Rome is where the evil has persisted and grown at the expense of every good and living thing.

Observe that Rome has grown and thrived by enslaving everyone, generation unto generation.

Whether it was the unsavory side of the Roman Catholic Church enslaving everyone to fear of Hell and other vicious doctrines, or it was the Holy Roman Empire enslaving everyone to money and economic dearth, Rome has depended on enslavement for its own wealth and power.

Slavery is one of the Pillars of Rome, and deceit is the other.

So, no mistake that the Roman Municipal United States Government sided with the Confederate States of America in the so-called Civil War. Of course, Rome supported slavery. Always has. Still does. That’s how Rome makes its money and garners its power — by enslavement.

First, it enslaves your mind, deceiving you and convincing you that lies are the truth, and that you are a “citizen” owing Rome for privileges granted to you by the Roman Slavemasters.

Second, it cows your spirit, entraining your beliefs so that even when your prison door is standing wide open, you continue to “voluntarily” enslave yourselves.

Third, it rules your body, because with your mind and spirit conquered, the body helplessly follows, even unto death, as with the present genocide. People follow along like zombies, because that is what they are trained to do.

These are the “Three Keys” of the Papal Tiara— symbolizing ownership of the body, the mind, and the spirit. This is not a new idea and it has nothing much to do with the Roman Catholic Church, as much as it has to do with the traditions of Rome.

Rome polluted the Church at the Council of Nicea, bought her as a whore is purchased, for the price of peace.

But there was no peace.

There was only enslavement of what is good and true to serve what is evil and false.

Thus, the Church became a storefront for Rome, and Rome has sat like a spider at the center of power gained by enslavement ever since.

Over a year ago, the Great Palatine Seal collapsed. This broke Rome’s power of deceit. The energetic matrix giving organization and strength to the illusions of the Roman Catholic Church dissolved, and we are left with the realities of Rome fully denuded.

Rome depends on corporations to do its will, and what are corporations, but faceless things created from words on paper? Legal fictions. Lies.

It remains for all of us to separate the Church from Rome and deal with Rome as it deserves to be dealt with —- as an ancient and alien culture that depends on slavery for its lifeblood.

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