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Dylan Eleven |

Independent media is fighting in this war to arm you with the truth and to help unite us all.

By supporting your independent media news sites like or any other journalist or site you find a great source of truth; you are helping the truth movement pay for an infrastructure that can continue to operate and grow. Which is essential in this war.

These journalists chose the life of no pay because they only tell the truth and for that in today’s mainstream media you do not get paid.

When I started at a journalist 16 years ago, I left a $250,000 year job as a investment advisor to go into journalism to tell the truth I had learned in the financial industry and blow the lid wide open on 911 and other the truth that needs to be know.

It became clear within days that to tell the truth, no newspaper or news outlet would publish my work and pay me for it. So I chose to start and publish my own work and research on the truth. I did this full time without pay for 16 years.

Recently I have started a $1 per month campaign to help cover costs as have many truth journalists due part time work being eliminated for many due to to this covid scam, mandates and restrictions.

The independent media works for you. If you can, help support the work they do.

$1 monthly subscriptions are a win win for all involved. A small amount to support your favourite sites can add up quickly if the site is supported by its readers. The journalist gets paid for their work and people get their information for $1 = Win Win

We have just started our campaign and appreciate your support.

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