An Email We Received From A Police Officer

An Email We Received From A Police Officer
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“Today is not a good day. Today I’m struggling. A “Covid” outbreak at work has meant we’ve all had to go home and get a PCR. Mine came back negative – they always do. I’m perfectly well, fit and healthy together with a negative test and yet, I’m now not allowed to go back to work or indeed leave my house, because I haven’t had the covid vaccine.

Throughout all of this despite going to work everyday, no mask, no vaccine, going into every grotty tower block you can imagine – here I am. I’ve not caught covid, no positive tests I am a picture of health. I eat healthy I work out. Yet I am a “health and safety risk”.

I’m a good person, I work hard and I treat others how I would like to be treated, yet I am a constant source of ridicule because of the choice I’ve made not to have the covid vaccine. If I’ve been called an “anti- vaxxer” once I’ve been called it a thousand times by my colleagues in the workplace. What was once deemed bullying now appears to be perfectly acceptable in the name of “science”.

I joined the Police to help people, to keep them safe as cliched as that sounds. I now feel as if I’m helping no one and I’m fearful that I can’t keep my own child safe, because yes now they are coming for the kids.

There isn’t a single day when I wake up or fall asleep without feeling frightened.

There’s something clearly not right about all of this. It really doesn’t take a rocket science to work out that things just don’t add up. I’m find it astonishing that Police officers who are supposed to by nature critical thinkers – separating truth from fiction are just blind to all that’s going on.

Time is running out. If we don’t end this now life as we knew it is gone forever, it’s history.”

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