More Than 200 Toronto Police Officers Fired After Refusing COVID Jab

More Than 200 Toronto Police Officers Fired After Refusing COVID Jab
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December 3, 20214 views0

(by Anthony Murdoch | LifeSite News) – 205 members of the Toronto Police Service (TPS) have been fired because they refused to bow to an employer COVID shot mandate.

According to a press release sent out by the TPS on Tuesday, the un-jabbed cops and civilian workers have “rendered themselves unable to perform their duties and are being placed on an indefinite unpaid absence.”

TPS says that the un-jabbed members terminated include both “uniform and civilian” members, who have “not disclosed their vaccination status or are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19.”

According to TPS, the only way the members can get their jobs back is if they comply with the jab mandate to become “fully vaccinated.”

TPS says that 117 of the fired workers are uniform members, with 88 being civilian.

TPS claims that 98 percent of its 7,415 police force have “disclosed their vaccination status.”

TPS Chief James Ramer claimed that the objective of the jab mandate is to ensure “the health and safety of our members, our workplaces, and the public we serve.”

The sacking of the Toronto police officers comes at a time when serious crime in the city has gone through the roof. Year over year Toronto has seen a 20 percent increase in murders, with shootings becoming commonplace.

Statistics Canada numbers show that Toronto’s overall murder rate has increased almost three-fold compared to other crime-heavy Canadian cities of Montreal or Vancouver.

In August, the Toronto Police Association (TPA) said that it does not support making COVID jabs mandatory for its members but it has not yet made a statement regarding the firings of un-jabbed members.

While the province of Ontario has not issued a blanket COVID shot mandate for healthcare workers, the City of Toronto mandated the jabs for all its staff. This requirement has been in place since September 17 and includes the Toronto police department. Read Full Article >

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