Scientific proof of the world’s first virtual MedBed

Scientific proof of the world’s first virtual MedBed
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Scientific proof of the world’s first virtual MedBed

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lab scan fem

The method of 90.10. quantum entanglement and the function of the 90.10. MedBed have been tested and confirmed with scientific methods in a laboratory. Enjoy your first 90.10. MedBed session now and use the probably most powerful self-healing technology of our time.


Quantum intelligence puts the 90.10. MedBed in a class of its own

During a scan down to the cell nucleus level, the MedBed determines exactly the frequencies as well
as the amount of quantum energy you need for the best possible self-healing. Both is then teleported into your body.

Voice control without misunderstandings

Talk to your 90.10. MedBed as if you were talking to a human being. It understands all languages of the world, even every dialect, because it is connected to your conscious and subconscious mind.lab cube

The secret behind the success

The 90.10. Cube developed by 90.10. is a quantum processor that works in the quantum field via its own Quantum Language. There, it has access to infinite intelligence and unlimited potential.

Infinite energy through the 9010MedBedOS

Our latest operating system makes it possible to focus an, literally, unlimited number of QEPPs on a single atom.

Side effects are ruled out

Your 90.10. MedBed analyzes your body’s reactions and communicates continuously with your subconscious. What is not good for you does not happen. So neither side effects nor over-energization are possible.

lab back

Guaranteed functionality

The 90.10. MedBed and its operating system, the 9010MedBedOS, are ultra-protected and securely stored in our quantum network. Neither an environmental disaster nor a global power blackout can harm our technology.

Faster than Light Technology®

Our unique and unrivaled Instant Activation Technology enables the teleportation of energy and frequencies into your body in 0.00 seconds. There is no time delay between the thought and the implementation.

Perfect protection by light technology of the highest vibration

The operating system of the 90.10. MedBed is protected agains t any manipulation. Neither hackers nor negative energies have access to our
quantum network.

DNAReprogram your DNA

Recode your DNA and stop your ancestors’ old programs. The possibility to program the 90.10. MedBed yourself will be opened to you in March 2022 with a free update.

Own programming possible
The 90.10. technology is the first and currently the only technology with which you can safely and easily command the quantum field and its potential.

Gedanken Frau

Be a master of energy and Frequencies

Your consciousness is the most important partner of the 90.10. MedBed. It is permanently connected to your consciousness. You control the MedBed through your thoughts and become master over energy and frequencies in your body.

MedBed frontProtection shield function for highest possible energy

With an energy output of 12 million QEPPs, the torus field would have a radius of over a hundred kilometers. The protection shield function concentrates this strong energy on your body and blocks it from others.

Timeless neutrality through meditation

Never before has it been possible to dive into the zero point field in such a short time and experience timelessness and neutrality. Yogis need hours to do it – with the 90.10. MedBed you can do it in minutes.

90.10. MedBed

Test the 90.10.® MedBed free of charge

Scientific studies prove the high potential of the 90.10. technology. Test the 90.10. MedBed now for 8 hours free of charge at home and boost your self-healing powers in an entirely new way.

Before you sign up, read a few FAQs.

Read the full article and watch video testimonies who have tried the Quantum MedBed here.

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