Deputy Premier and Minister of health request immediate action for all provinces and territories for a mandatory draft, criminalization and apprehension of Canadians not fully vaccinated | UPDATED

Dylan Eleven | | December 7 2021

Some people are speculating that this document is not real or was leaked by the Canadian military as part of a psy-op.

This does not make any sense.

This is more likely a real letter and the person is claiming it’s not to cover their ass so they are not hung for violation of the Nuremberg Code.

We will report more as the true meaning of this letter becomes more clear.

But real or not, this is their plan, this is happening around the world.

The Canadian pedophile satanist genocidal maniac prime minister Justin Castro Trudeau (boy his title is a lot to type) has built and is building more concentration camps.

They could be testing the waters to see the response from this letter but make no mistake this is their actual plan.

So plan to defend yourselves accordingly.

Remember that mandatory still requires your consent. Never give it. If they say it’s mandatory for you to go simply say I do not consent, never will, no matter what.

Any further action against you is assault and trying to force vaccinate with a vaccine that can kill you is attempting to murder you. You have the right to defend yourself against murder.

Forced quarantine is also illegal, and unconstitutional, even if made mandatory; it still requires your consent. Trying to forcibly relocate you is assaulting you and can be potentially a death sentence by guillotine which have been ordered in Canada for these camps. You have the right to defend yourself against this illegal incarceration and potential murder by guillotine.

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