Australia and Austria Are Nazi States

Australia and Austria Are Nazi States / pcr3


Australia and Austria Are Nazi States

To protect ourselves, these Nazi countries must be immediately invaded and the governments hung after a Nuremberg Trial. Otherwise Nazism will spread throughout the West. Tucker Carlson warns it is on its way to the US:

Tucker Carlson: We Should Be Prepared For What Is Happening In Australia To Happen Here:

Traditional Western values that restrained governments and made them humane are under more fierce attack today than during the Hitler/Stalin era. The EU just tried to abolish Christmas because it is “exclusionary.”

Australia has revived concentration camps, and Austria threatens the unvaccinated with prison. Executive branches of “free governments” are everywhere in the “Free World”seizing legislative authority and issuing edicts, the Covid virus whose creation Anthony Fauci financed is succeeding in wiping out freedom in the “Free West.”

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