Vaccine mandates are the rehearsal, the future will be worse

Vaccine mandates are the rehearsal, the future will be worse
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Hard data shows covid jabs do not work

We now possess sufficient data to determine whether the shots are effective or not.

Prof. David Millard Haskell (Wilfrid Laurier University) warns students — now banned from their university campuses for resisting the unscientific & immoral vaccine mandates — injustices they are experiencing is just the beginning.

Unvaccinated Are the New Jews

The Holocaust didn’t start with death camps. It began with propaganda, scaremongering, scapegoating, and segregation.

Isolation centers

Health Minister Patty Hajdu said the government would commit an additional $23.7 million towards operating isolation sites across Ontario.

Be aware and astute

How many people know that without a booster every 6 months of experimental m-RNA gene therapy, which is not a vaccine, you are considered unvaccinated?

What if every 3 months?

How do you feel about possible mandatory draft, criminalization, and apprehension that leads to living in a maximum security quarantine facility?

Under what conditions?
For how long?
Will the apprehended have to be jabbed before exiting maximum security?

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Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


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