December Update on Deaths from UK Funeral Director VIDEO

December Update on Deaths from UK Funeral Director [VIDEO]
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ER Editor: English funeral director John O’Looney of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services gives us an update from December 6th on the types of deaths he’s currently seeing as we fully enter flu and cold season.

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  • He’s seeing an unnaturally large number of deaths due to stroke, heart attacks and aneurysms as a result of thrombosis in the lungs, legs and other places. They’re all well documented by the local coroners. Nobody seems concerned by the alarming rise in them. He’s seen more recently than he has in the last 14 years, and has written to the chief coroner about it. He’s barely had any response from his office about any of this.
  • The other type of death he’s seeing is of people who are getting sick because their immune systems aren’t functioning well, people who’ve had two vaccinations, perhaps months ago, and who are now battling things like the common cold and flu. The Government is quick to label it omnicron when it’s just a common cold. Sadly, these people are convinced that, when they’re sick like this, another jab will help them. These people are going to walk over the cliff, begging for more. We’re now 12 months into the vaccinations.
  • At a September meeting he attended at Westminster of scientists, they predicted this type of phenomenon among the vaccinated.
  • He urges vaccinated people not to take any more.

“Omicron is Vaccine Injury”

“We’re exactly where the scientists told me we would be”

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