UK TV Show Deletes Poll After 89% Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

UK TV Show Deletes Poll After 89% Oppose Mandatory Vaccination
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TV show deletes poll after 89% oppose mandatory vaccination


ITV breakfast television show ‘Good Morning Britain’ received backlash on social media after deleting a poll which showed the vast majority of respondents opposed mandatory Covid-19 vaccination.

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The poll, which asked viewers whether it was “time to make vaccines mandatory” in response to the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, was posted to Twitter on Tuesday and soon received more than 42,000 votes.

A whopping 89% of those who voted opposed any scheme to make vaccination mandatory, with just 11% in favor.

After the poll went viral, however, social media users noticed that it had been deleted by the Good Morning Britain Twitter account, and critics accused the program of trying to cover up the public consensus.

Spread misinformation ✅
Delete poll when it’s clear the public have rejected your tyrannical agenda ✅
A great week for @GMB and journalism.

— Oliver Smith (@ollysmithtravel) December 7, 2021

“Why did you delete this poll, is it because you were asked? Or because it shows the people don’t support this s**t, this tyrannical future your colleagues seem to want. We see you,” one person said, while another suggested, “Guess that wasn’t the answer they were looking for.”

I see @GMB has deleted their poll. Why?

It looks like a firm NO to mandatory vax.

— Lange (@djlange) December 7, 2021

Good Morning Britain – which was hosted by controversial commentator Piers Morgan before his departure in March – did not explain why it removed the

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