BACK IN COURT: Zoe stands FIRM ‘I’m fighting charges all the way’

BACK IN COURT: Zoe stands FIRM ‘I’m fighting charges all the way’
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Rebel News readers will remember Zoe Buhler – the heavily pregnant woman handcuffed and arrested in her home in distressing footage that went viral around the world.

She was charged with inciting others to violate Victoria’s Covid ‘stay at home’ order in 2020 during a strict lockdown after posting pro-Freedom Rally content on Facebook.

Her court case could continue to drag on until mid-2022, according to Buhler. She will be pleading ‘not guilty’ to the charge in court with her hearing underway tomorrow.

I caught up with Zoe at a recent Freedom Rally in Melbourne.

What are they alleging that you’re guilty of?,” I asked, just to be sure, as many in Australia and around the world are still baffled why she was taken out of her home in handcuffs.

For trying to organise a peaceful protest in Ballarat about sixteen months ago,” replied Buhler.

In a democratic country…” I clarified.

Victoria Police have not backed down to the widely condemned incident. Many freedom protests have taken place since her arrest and yet she is stuck trying to navigate her way through the courts.

If I’m completely honest, it’s upsetting – it makes me angry,” she said.

Every time court comes around, I’m filled with anxiety and fear and re-living trauma constantly.

Buhler insists that she is going to fight these charges all the way to the end.

Where’s my apology? Where’s the remorse? Why haven’t the charges been withdrawn?

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