Canada is a prison for non-vaccinated | Since December 1, anyone who is not vaccinated cannot leave the country

Thousands of workers from all sectors gather for Quebec ‘Code Red’ protest
News – Rebel News / Alexandra Lavoie


The purpose of this demonstration was to mobilize workers from all fields to put pressure on the government, hence the name “Code Red” for the protest.

The day started with a rally around the Mount Royal statue where several workers who are being directly affected by Quebec’s mandatory vaccination policy spoke. The place was chosen symbolically, since we can read on the statue that our freedoms must be protected by law.

Several thousand people gathered on this cold December day, as Christmas approaches — a holiday which is looking rather bleak for the unvaccinated, at least according to the government.

I asked people about Roxham Road because of my recent story. I asked them if they knew what was going on there and about the fact that illegal immigrants receive more privileges than Canadians.

I also asked them what they would do if Quebec followed New Brunswick’s lead in allowing non-vaccinated people to be banned from grocery stores and how they felt about Canada now being a prison for non-vaccinated people, since as of December 1, anyone who is not properly immunized cannot leave the country.

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