Dylan Eleven | | December 10 2021

Let’s be very clear here.

Our governments are and attacking our freedoms and violating constitutional, human rights, international laws and the Nuremberg code. They have already committed genocide and all need to be held accountable.

When it comes to a fascist in your face violating your rights they are personally liable under your countries laws that align with the Rome Statute. In Canada for example it is the Crimes Against Humanity and War crimes act. Which holds the person who wrote the order, the person who gave the order and the person who carried out the order personally liable. You can sue them and put a lien on their house and they face life in prison.

What fascist police try to do is trick you into giving consent for their violations.

One way they do this is by using the word mandatory.

For example: “You have to come to this concentration camp, it is mandatory for all people on this area because of a covid outbreak”. Or “it is mandatory for you to take this vaccine to keep your job”

They will try to trick or bully you into giving consent. And what they don’t want you to know is that the world mandatory requires your consent given freely.

It is a trick word that many are falling for.

The answer is NO I DO NOT CONSENT.

Any further coercion or force is assault and they can be charged personally.

You are legally allowed to defend yourself against any unlawful attack.

Governments don’t want you to know this
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Just so everyone understands what “mandatory” means.

— The Juggernaut (@TheJuggernaut88) December 9, 2021

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