How to control inflation properly. Zero Percent Inflation with 1 million dollars per person | Economics is a control system

Dylan Eleven | | December 11 2021

Having studied economics and working as an investment advisor, or stock broker, as we were called back in the early 90s I have a clear understanding of economics and concepts like inflation.

They make economics boring and complex to ensure the masses don’t get it, and don’t try to understand what it really is.

There are lot of people rightly concerned about inflation due to the loss of their purchasing power and looking at the fed to do something about it. Wages are low and inflation is above 6%. Wages are not outpacing inflation. This is nothing new.

I wrote this article on inflation in 2004

Which outlined the same issue. Wages were not going up as fast as inflation. In that article inflation was lower but the result was the same.

As soon as people start reading an article about inflation and indexes and fed policies the majority of people fall asleep.

This is confusing and boring by design.

Economics is a control structure. It is simply a set of rules like in the game monopoly. That is designed to control the entire economy by creating restrictions and limitations and outlets to energy as they call it.

But economics is not designed to make everyone rich it is designed to steal the wealth and effort of humanity (energy) and channel it into the hands of the few.

If you have ever played monopoly, it can be like life, sometimes your broke and sometimes you are raking in the money. Generally the game can be fun for some and not so fun for those not doing well in the game.

When I played as a kid We had a rule that you get 3 times the amount of money at the beginning of the game. The result was our games were more fun. Everyone was buying everything and we all were doing well.

Economics could be structured this way to create more abundance for all and make life easier and more fun for everyone. Instead hiding behind cryptic industry jargon, economics keeps the people down on purpose.

One of its tools of economic oppression is the inflation scam.

This is very simple.

On the first day of my economics classes when studying to be a stockbroker the biggest lie was told to us. They snuck the biggest lie in on the first day as most would not catch it and it is planted in our subconscious as a rule and not to be questioned.

The lie they told us was that in order to control inflation, the fed raises or lowers rates, which restricts the money in our pockets as we have to pay more for our mortgages and debt, therefore slowing our spending and thus slowing the growth of the economy and therefore reducing inflation as the demand will decrease and so will the prices.

This is a bald face lie.

Inflation is still raging on no matter what the fed does by raising rates which is just taking our money. They are taking more from us and letting inflation continue to outpace wages.

Why? Because of blah blah blah, economic boring explanation… that just hides the truth.

This is very simple. You could flood the money supply by giving every person on earth 1 million dollars each, which by the way would cause economic boom globally, not to mention help everyone on the planet or disc or whatever we are on, you could do this and have 0% inflation.

Change the monopoly rules. Change the economic structure.

And simply restrict inflation directly by freezing prices.

Money can be printed in unlimited amounts and everyone could have all the money they want. All you have to do is say the price of things are not allowed to go up. You can’t start charging $1,000 for a loaf of bread just because everyone was given 1 million dollars. Without a price freeze, the money would become worthless very quickly.

But the benefit to the world if we all had a million to spend would be tremendous.

If the world governments can tell everyone to restrict the amount of oxygen they breath and crash all economies and put us all in poverty. I think they could tell shopkeepers to keep the prices fixed. And give everyone a million dollars for all this covid bullshit we have all been put through.

Economics is a control system. Money is a control system. There is no reason we can’t adjust the system to favour the many instead of the few.

Just lies and smoke and mirrors standing in our way.

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