Unprecedented War on Public Health and Freedom

Unprecedented War on Public Health and Freedom
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

Made-in-the-USA/West, what’s gone on since early last year has no precedent in world history.

Brownstone Institute’s founder/head Jeffrey Tucker addressed the diabolical scheme, saying:

If all things ongoing since last year went no further than “advice, we would not be in the midst of (a) social, economic, cultural, political (public health and freedom-destroying) disaster.”

Nothing throughout history resembles today’s unprecedented war on humanity with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

In some countries, “(flu/covid) Red Guard (elements operate as) a civilian enforcement arm.”

“They (police) grocery aisles to upbraid the maskless.”

“Drones (look) for parties to rat out and shut down.”

“A blood lust against non compliers came to be unleashed at all levels of (some) societ(ies).”

“Madness (replaced) rationality” and what free and open societies most cherish.

Destructive policies achieved “nothing positive” because their aim is polar opposite.

All things mandated or urged aim to destroy public health and freedom.

Promises otherwise continue to be state-approved bald-faced Big Lies.

Pursuit and enforcement of the worst of all possible worlds is by dark force-directed “bureaucracies, committees…and unsigned orders.”

Individuals unwilling to sacrifice their health as a condition of employment, education, and unobstructed access to public places across the board are falsely demonized as enemies of the state and threats to others around them.

Tucker explained that he’s been unjustifiably criticized like countless other refuseniks.

Invited to participate in a live TV studio discussion, he was disinvited for refusing “to divulge (his jabbing) status.”

According to binding international law, whatever diverges from voluntary and informed consent on all things health related is flagrantly illegal.

No matter. The power of diabolical dark forces to do what they please overrides the rule of law at their discretion.

Lunatics like CNBC’s Jim Cramer wants kill shots mandated across the board, the Pentagon used as an enforcement arm.

NYT propagandist Charles Blow expressed fury “at the un(jabbed),” adding:

“I am not ashamed of disclosing that (sic).”

“I am no longer trying to understand them or educate them (sic).”

“The un(jabbed) are…part of the problem (sic).”

Defying indisputable science, he falsely claimed that it’s only “possible to control the virus and mitigate its spread if more people are” jabbed — with health-destroying toxins.

MSM across the board, in cahoots with US/Western dark forces and Pharma profiteers, refuse to explain that covid is seasonal flu renamed.

What’s been a nonissue for time immemorial — other than low-key annual flu shot recommendations — became something ominously different by the power of state-sponsored/MSM-proliferated fake news.

Mind-manipulating propaganda changed public perception to believe a near-nonissue threatens health and well-being.

Despite dozens of independently peer-reviewed studies that show kill shots harm and don’t protect, official US/Western policy calls for multi-jabbing as prelude to no end of it annually in perpetuity.

Phony claims otherwise — and all else flu/covid related — are all about inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

If US/Western dark forces achieve their diabolical aims, the worst of their policies and more of the same will be hard-wired permanently unless or until popular revolution halts them.

Most often, the worst of history’s high crimes go unpunished, never for officials of dominant states like the US and its key partners.

Over the past year, countless millions were harmed by kill shots, their lives irreparably changed.

Hundreds of thousands died, all of the above rising exponentially as long as what’s happening goes on unchecked.

Who’ll be held accountable for the highest of high crimes in world history?

Who’ll pursue justice so far denied?

Who’ll enforce it?

Who’ll compensate victims?

Who’ll end unparalleled genocide and destruction of free and open societies?

No one!

That’s why widespread grassroots rebellion is the only viable option.

Nothing else can work.

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