Alix Mayer Is Vaccine Injured, but Not from the COVID Vaccine

Alix Mayer Is Vaccine Injured, but Not from the COVID Vaccine
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The COVID vaccines are not the only dangerous vaccines. Would you believe that the entire childhood vaccine schedule is dangerous? You will after you watch my interview with Alix Mayer.

This article is not just another interview. This article is one of the most important articles on my substack. It shows how our government has been lying to us for decades about the safety of all vaccines.

Short story: people who refuse vaccines are uniformly healthier than people who follow the government’s advice. This is the biggest ongoing fraud in US history.

On December 9, I interviewed Alix Mayer, President, Children’s Health Defense, California Chapter.

She’s vaccine injured from a set of vaccines she took prior to a business trip. She’s never fully recovered.

Here’s my interview on Rumble. It’s one of the most popular videos I’ve done (over 34,000 views in less than 24 hours with no promotion; all positive reviews). You can watch the interview below.

[embedded content]

IMPORTANT: If you are a parent of young kids, have grandkids, or are thinking about ever getting vaccinated again, you will want to watch this video. You will be shocked about what you are not being told.

Key things I learned from talking with Alix:

  1. All the 16 childhood vaccines should be considered unsafe because all the safety data shows that kids are uniformly less healthy after taking the vaccines compared to kids who are not vaccinated at all.
  2. All the papers published in medical journals documenting the dangers of the vaccines have been revoked and the people who wrote them have lost their jobs. The papers weren’t censored because they were wrong. They were censored so nobody will find out the truth. The papers all showed that kids who avoided the vaccines were significantly healthier than the kids who got vaccinated. The COVID vaccines? They are 1,000 times worse than any of these vaccines.
  3. The CDC is supposed to be assessing the safety of the children’s vaccines every 2 years. They have never done this. They even admit it. They don’t have any plans to comply with the law. Nobody is holding them accountable. Everyone is looking the other way.
  4. There has been a huge increase in autism and other disabling conditions after kids take the childhood vaccination schedule. There is no doubt they are linked.
  5. RFK, Jr. has been trying to get a debate with the CDC for 20 years about the safety of the childhood vaccines. Nobody from the CDC will debate him. They refuse to be put in a situation where they could be asked questions that they don’t want to answer. Someone is hiding in the shadows and it isn’t RFK, Jr.
  6. Judy Mikovits discovered impurities in the vaccines but they forced out of her job to silence her. I know Judy. She is a first class scientist with a heart of gold. There are many other examples, but you get the idea.

For further reading/watching

I highly recommend watching these two videos. The second video by Dr. Tenpenny is particularly stunning (as you’ll learn in just the first 50 seconds): this has been going on for decades without any questioning by physicians.

If you thought you could trust your doctor, these videos are eye opening.

[embedded content]

[embedded content]

Comments from my subscribers

  1. After almost 20 years of investigation, a parliamentary report in Italy (2018) concluded that the vaccines were unsafe. They investigated the over mortality death rate of military.
  2. I saw your Alix Mayer interview and wondered if you would be willing/wanting to do something on PANS. PANS is Autoimmune Encephalitis. I will try to make this short. It is clearly caused by vaccines. I know MANY moms whose kids had onset post vaccine. My daughter got PANS post Varicella vaccine. The doctors refuse to acknowledge that PANS is caused by vaccines. Instead they say strep or lyme or a virus triggers it. This is untrue. These are symptoms of the disregulated immune response, not the cause of it. Anyway, there is a growing group of moms out there that know what happened to their middle schoolers and cannot get any attention around it. Doctors keep telling people to keep vaccinating their kids. It’s infuriating.

Here are some notes from Alix:


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