Second Pathology Conference Reveals that 12 Out of 15 People Died from Vaccines

Second Pathology Conference Reveals that 12 Out of 15 People Died from Vaccines
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The focus of the second pathology conference held by the Reutlingen team of specialists in Berlin on December 4, 2021 was 15 people who had died between seven days and six months after their Covid vaccination.

The press conference of German pathology professors Arne Burkhardt and Walter Lang, which included concerns of a doctor from Sweden, maintaining that vaccinations could lead to the turbo growth of breast cancer, was another blow to vaccine salespeople.

The 15 deaths are seven men and eight women who died between seven days and six months after their Covid vaccination. However, death did not occur in all of them – as one might suspect from media reports – in the intensive care unit or in the hospital.

Five people died at home, some on the street, one in the car, and one at work. One person came from assisted living and died there under palliative treatment. In the case of two people, the place of death is still being determined. Of the eight people who died outside of the hospital, pathologists assume that they appeared to be “in good health” at the time of vaccination and immediately before death and that death occurred suddenly.

In 12 of the 15 people, it can be assumed that vaccination contributed to death. The diagnosis of myocarditis was the most common finding with the youngest victim only 27 years old.

The reports of serious damage to health as well as death connected the current vaccinations against Covid-19 have not stopped. Strong evidence points to turbo-cancer tumours developing after vaccination and a significant, possibly long-term suppression of the natural immune system.

The first part of the pathology conference on September 20 already painted a bleak picture regarding a causal connection between serious injuries and vaccination against Covid-19.

In 7 of the cases, the pathologists determined a “very likely” connection with the vaccinations, as Prof. Burkhardt explained. Lymphocyte myocarditis was a major contributor in almost all cases. It is often claimed that heart inflammation and myocarditis are not so dangerous, but Burkhardt explained that this was not the case as many patients die within 10 years.

There are already up to 60 times more side effects as with previous vaccinations.

Some 5 percent of those vaccinated suffer terrible consequences and even death. Burkhardt said he suspected that there may be a connection between injecting the mRNA vaccines directly into the blood vessels.

The micro embolisms found by prof. Bergholz and his team are a serious indication that this was indeed the case despite claims to the contrary by the WHO. He therefore made a pathological incision of the corresponding part of the body and placed a syringe needle over it. In doing so, he clearly showed that the needle was certainly able to enter the vessel.

Mass spectrometry can be used to read which proteins were involved in mortality. This procedure is the gold standard in the delimitation of virus proteins and it is absurd that people are still relying on the useless PCR test. With mass spectroscopy, one can also differentiate between different Corona variants, explained prof. Walter Lang.

The team is awaiting Lang’s results on mass spectrometry which will be available soon and show what role spike proteins played in mortality.

Prof. Lang worked as a pathologist at the Hannover Medical School from 1968-1985. Afterwards, for 25 years, he directed a private institute for pathology in Hanover, which he founded, specializing in lung pathology, transplant pathology, extragynecological cytology and thyroid tumors. He has performed in-depth consultation diagnostics for 12 major lung clinics in Europe.

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