Something Abnormal Lies Buried in England’s Death Data

Something Abnormal Lies Buried in England’s Death Data
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ER Editor: The analysis below focuses on the UK’s ONS (Office for National Statistics) mortality data for weeks 1-37 of this year, 2021. Data for weeks 1-12 show inconsistencies, which suggest that deaths were underreported for this 3-month period at a rate of around 10,000 per week. (The UK had started its Covid vaccination rollout on December 8, 2020, so it was ramping up through this 3-month period, targeting the elderly.)

We also know that vaccination seems to increase mortality within the first two weeks or so, yet bizarrely or sinisterly, the definition of ‘vaccinated’ was changed whereby deaths occurring within 14 days after injection would be classified as ‘unvaccinated’. So there have been concerted efforts to mask vaccine-related deaths, shifting deaths into the ‘unvaccinated’ column.

In fact, a note below reveals that people in the 60-69, 70-79 and 80-89 age brackets had peaks of ‘unvaccinated’ mortality when vaccination rollout for these different age groups curiously reached their respective peaks. Normally, deaths among these age groups would all happen around the same time. Further, deaths among these age groups for the truly unvaccinated should be somewhat equivalent to mortality rates for previous years, yet for early 2021 they were strangely higher.

Here’s how they’ve done it.


Something Abnormal lies Buried in England’s Death Data


Early analysis of mortality data last year demonstrated the following:

  1. Mortality appeared to go up after vaccination, usually within the first week or two.
  2. The definition of being ‘vaccinated’ [wait 14 days after vaccination to be deemed vaccinated with 1 dose] avoided those mortality data being put in the Vaccinated total.
  3. Similarly, by only being fully vaccinated 14 days after 2 doses, a whole chunk of data were removed, potentially skewing any fair and unbiased comparison to the unvaccinated. Of course, the goal posts are moving again, with a 3rd; 4th; and X number of doses. Falsely adding the previously fully vaccinated to the unvaccinated column.

Just a cursory look at VAERS, with all its caveats, it’s not that difficult to see an early rise in mortality associated with vaccination, that in part explains the observations.

Fig. 1 VAERS Covid-19 and flu mortality after vaccination

Source: OpenVaers

VAERS data demonstrate a significant rise in reported deaths associated with Covid-19 vaccines within two weeks post vaccination, with the main effect in the first 7 days. Comparison with influenza vaccines indicates orders of magnitude increase in reports.

For long term care facility (LTCF)residents, The CDC initially stated:

Reported deaths occurred 0–20 days after vaccination (median = 2 days)

And for non-LTCF deaths;

The median interval from vaccination to death was 3 days (range = 0–20 days).

Source: First Month of COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring — United States, December 14, 2020–January 13, 2021

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