Prepare For War At Your Front Door

Dylan Eleven | | December 15 2021

War has been declared upon the population of the world by our governments.

They have already committed genocide with the vaccines and have taken away our rights with a fake pandemic.

They are too far gone now to stop, if they do they will be tried for genocide.

Force vaccinations at your door with a death shot, and or concentration camps is their plan. Has been all along.

Resistance is our only option.

Police should join with the people now. Police have been put in the position where they are in the wrong legally, committing criminal acts, that they are liable for personally, and are faced with putting the population into a place where the best strategy for the people is to resist.

As history has shown, the best way to stop this genocide is to resist. For example; 25% of Leningrad was arrested one winter, if people had resisted, they would’ve run out of agents in a week. Instead they took their time going door to door all winter.

If everyone world wide prepares to defend their family at their door step and in groups to defend your neighbourhood we can resist this genocidal tyranny.

This video is another warrior calling out to all to protect yourselves.

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