Nova Scotia introduces new restrictions, bans unvaccinated grandparents from leaving nursing homes

Nova Scotia introduces new restrictions, bans unvaccinated grandparents from leaving nursing homes
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Sweeping new restrictions banning unvaccinated grandparents from leaving their nursing homes for Christmas dinner were introduced in Nova Scotia.

The province-wide coronavirus restrictions were updated on Wednesday, and along with preventing unvaccinated seniors from leaving nursing homes also introduced a ban on having a beer in your seat at a hockey game.

“Spectators at sports games or arts and culture performances cannot eat or drink in the main seating area of the recreation facility or event venue; people must go to a designated area for eating and drinking,” the press release from the Progressive Conservative government of Nova Scotia explained.

The cruel new restrictions also serve to imprison the elderly inside the facilities where they are living out their golden years, unless they are double jabbed.

“Except for medical appointments, residents in long-term care can only leave the facility if they are fully vaccinated, and it is strongly recommended that they have their booster dose as well,” the government’s directive stated.

The same onerous rules that ban unvaccinated grandparents from leaving to visit family also apply to residents of disability support homes.

The announcement explains that “residents in Disability Support Program homes licenced under the Homes for Special Care Act have the same restrictions as residents in long-term care.”

According to Nova Scotia’s government, the new measures are meant to stem the spread of the Omicron variant that is reportedly less severe but more transmissible than other COVID variants.

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