The whole story from the beginning

The whole story from the beginning
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If you take any fact out of the Divoc 91 horror event, such as vaxxes are killing millions of people, most find it impossible to believe. It’s easier to dismiss such notions out of hand, than look into whether they might possibly be true.

What the majority of people need to do is start from the beginning.

Who are the characters in this story? Where did they start from? How did they rise to power? What does their track record look like? Who are their associates, and what is their history?

As it happens they don’t need to put the whole picture together themselves as it’s already been done for them. Robert F Kennedy’s new book ‘The Real Dr Fauci’ covers far more ground than simply who is Dr Fauci and what’s his role in Divoc and other horrors he perpetrated over four decades. RFK Jr builds the whole picture of the military medical political complex and explains how they’ve prepared the ground for Divoc not recently but over decades. Kennedy explains what their aims are and how the medical picture fits together with their total agenda.

The story is completely accessible to anyone who chooses to read it.

Now the only problem is – do the people who find reality hard to believe want to take the blue pill or the red pill? Most want to keep their mind closed as long as possible, and don’t want to awaken from their blissful slumber. The problem is the dream time is over and is giving way to global nightmare.

It’s better, I would have thought, to waken a little early and have more chance of survival. But what the hell. It’s their choice. Why not just read the book and make up your own mind. At least you’d be in possession of the facts and don’t need to sit watching perennial TV lies designed for those of low intelligence, or people who are destined to become mere statistics.

Read the book. Then the fightback for you can begin. You’ll be surrounded by millions of others sharing your exact same situation. United we stand. Robert F Kennedy Jr’s writing and research are a gift that should not be declined.


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