Corona Crisis: Absurdity and Falsehood. “Genocide by Gaslight”. Predatory Finance’s Ultimate Atrocity

Corona Crisis: Absurdity and Falsehood. “Genocide by Gaslight”. Predatory Finance’s Ultimate Atrocity
Global Research / Robert Snefjella

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“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.(Lord Acton)

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” (Voltaire)

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William J. Casey, CIA Director (1981)


The word gaslighting and its derivatives are used here to refer to absurdity and falsehood repeatedly delivered in the guise of fact and truth.

When ‘authorities’ and mass media cooperate to gaslight the public, while also censoring pertinent truth, large parts of society will be misled, and confused, and make decisions based on false assumptions

Plutocracy refers to effective overarching power being wielded by those of very great wealth.

Oligarchy refers to effective sovereignty or decisive influence being held over society by a relatively small number of powerful people via shared ideologies and/or interests, and cooperative arrangements.

The current “apocolypse’ being waged against humanity – the COVID crime and subsequent atrocities – was planned by and is being carried out by a veiled complex of power and influence that could roughly be described as a transnational hybrid of Oligarchy and Plutocracy.

This network of power has gained control over and corrupted many institutions, and has large numbers of unwitting, as well as corrupt and witting, accomplices, and an array of powerful technologies.

This ‘cabal’ has now revealed itself as having genocidal intent and capability. I will refer to it in its totality as the Transnational Oligarchic and Plutocratic Criminal Complex, or TOPCC.

Oligarchic or Plutocratic (O/P) rule can be overt or covert. The most effective O/P rule is that which is invisible to its subjects. Transnational O/P hegemony has largely been hidden from public view until lately. A favorite hiding place has been behind soothing, misleading terms like “Representative Democracy” or “Republic” or “Constitutional Monarchy.”

Over the last two years, despite the gaslight’s prodigious mesmerizing power, the reality of transnational O/P power, and its deeply deranged nature and intentions, has become evident to countless millions.

This article attempts to provide context to the attempted human destruction project that we are experiencing, and adds comments on reconstruction.

Blitzkrieg by gaslight

When Spanish sailing ships first appeared offshore in the Americas, it’s been said that those on shore couldn’t ‘see’ the ships: The ‘apparitions’ on the horizon were unknown to experience and dream.

This attack on humanity, formally publicly launched in March of 2020, too, was remote from all experience.

Few could even guess let alone understand what was being initiated.

Although growing numbers of people had come to realize that modern mass media was not to be trusted, and that the words ‘politician’ and ‘liar’ were commonly used as near synonyms, never before had humanity been exposed to so intense a barrage of falsehood and absurdity in the guise of truth, science, concern, and fact.

Never had the gaslight burned so spellbindingly and blindingly, fueled by public health officials joining with politicians and global mass media to endlessly deliver the same fearful and deceitful script around Earth.

The global COVID all-out fear-stoking assault on truth and common sense and normality left much of humanity worried or in dread, wondering where safety lay.

The public was told that a deadly new pathogen was running rampant, urged or commanded to muzzle up, keep apart, wait for the curve to flatten, and otherwise stop normal behavior and comply with official commands and unprecedented measures ‘justified’ by the ‘dire emergency’, and ‘explained’ by the constant refrain of ‘pandemic’ and ‘deadly virus’.

And the follow-up operation, again prepared and propelled by intense gaslighting, was also beyond the imagination let alone understanding of most people.

Portrayed as safety from the ‘dreaded new virus’, solution to the COVID scourge, the means to back to normal, the way to be a responsible person, the “safe and effective” jab/shot was rushed into production ‘at warp speed’, presumably by brilliant scientists working feverishly to save humanity. And when in record time the ‘salvation’ was declared ready, the COVID ‘vaccine’ was praised non-stop by authorities and mass media, and rushed gratefully and fatefully towards by hundreds of millions becoming billions.

In boxing, the jab is a quick blow seldom alone capable of a knockout, while a shot in common usage is what a loaded gun does, when the trigger is pulled.

How could good, innocent people see the “safe and effective” wonder for what it really was: a fiendishly clever bio-weapon that included the potential to mass maim, and mass murder, and mass sterilize, and create mass chaos, and to genetically modify humans, and foment societal disunity and disintegration, and advance high tech means of mass surveillance and control, as well as to provide massive profit for the perpetrators; all this and more planned and implemented by deeply deranged megalomaniacs under the covert banner of healing the Earth by disposing of much of humanity, and fully and permanently subjugating the dehumanized remnants by hi-tech- enabled totalitarian rule. [1]

Malign intent without limit is conceivable as the pathology of unhinged sociopathic individuals. But when genocidal malign intent comes in the guise of health and safety and public responsibility from political leaders and public health officials near and far, and when the bio-weapon of mass destruction is wielded by nurses and doctors and pharmacists urging you on and reassuring you, it was impossible for most to detect the devil in the details.

What has become increasingly apparent to those who have been diligent in trying to determine what is happening, and who are not under the spell of the gaslight, is that the COVID operation does indeed include an extremely well financed, carefully planned, highly organized and deadly serious attempt to wreck society as we know it, and maim or cull much of the human race and establish global totalitarian control.

Given that the COVID crime involves close near-global coordination, and massive funding, the operation required decisive transnational power, power able to wield control or exert great influence locally, nationally and internationally.

Near unanimity of constantly repeated false messages was achieved, by way of politicians, public health officials, and mass media.

Thus, the perpetrators must be closely linked to those hegemonic over, or wielding great influence over, the global financial system, transnational corporations, national and regional politics, and critically, mass media near and far. For nearly two years now, the public has been subjected to a constant barrage of lies and absurdities, and the censorship of pertinent truths, pertaining to the COVID crime against humanity.

Criminal absurdities inflicted on the global public since early 2020

A pandemic was declared in March of 2020 by the corrupt corporate lobby called the World Health Organization. [2]

But there was no pandemic in any normal sense of the word. [3] This falsehood – that there is a pandemic – is then repeated day after day as evident fact by authorities and media.

The false official declaration of pandemic was enabled by preparatory absurdity, for the WHO had transmuted the definition of the word pandemic in 2009, redefining minor global disease problems as catastrophic global disease problems: this fraudulent pandemic declaration in turn created the rationale for corrupt or idiotic governments and public health officials to declare states of emergency.

This in turn enabled political and medical authorities to introduce new measures often amounting to de facto martial law, leading to further officially-sanctioned coercion and crime and harm and absurdities, including the repudiation of Constitutions and Common Law, and basic human rights. [4]

The effect of ‘medical martial law’ also included the destruction of countless small businesses while large corporations remained open, the cessation of religious and political gatherings, while liquor stores remained open, the curtailment of family visits to loved ones, and greatly increased stress, depression, drug abuse, and family financial problems. But ironically, and perhaps of eventual great benefit, many people now had time from their usually busy lives to plunge into investigating what was really going on.

The word case in normal usage in medicine signifies some actual illness or disease: Reference to cases of pneumonia, or cases of mumps, means people actually had pneumonia or mumps. However, in the spirit of the gaslight, the word case has been used in two nefarious ways: First, as an outright false identification of the nebulous COVID-19; second, as the dubious result of anecdote, or of the extremely dubious result of testing, often a PCR test. [5]

The conjuring up of requisite numbers of so-called cases has been used to ‘justify’ lockdowns, quarantines, tracking, surveillance, economic turmoil, and general hysteria at home and school and work and play and travel and at church and so on, in many countries.

While authorities cited so-called cases which were not cases in normal usage of the word, the public simultaneously was inundated with the falsehood that there were no effective treatments for actual cases of illness that had symptoms of a new flu.

This false declaration of no available effective treatments was necessary to provide ‘legitimate’ justification for the deployment of the bio-weapon: had the truth been told, effective and inexpensive treatment for illnesses with symptoms labeled COVID could have been universally used. But the gaslight burned with evil intensity, effective and inexpensive treatments were ignored, denied or denounced, even made illegal, and their widespread success censored by the controlled mass media. Countless thousands have in effect been murdered by those deploying falsehood and ‘legal’ barriers to deny proper treatment. [6]

Repeated falsehood was also deployed to create a new public danger: healthy people, otherwise now called asymptomatic carriers.

Gaslight-fueling medical authorities seemed oblivious to the concept of a robust immune system, remained silent on how to support the immune system, and ignored or scorned the benefits of acquired natural immunity.

Ever creative, operators of the COVID gaslight have deployed a new falsehood: the huge number of health problems caused by the shot/jab, are redefined as COVID cases. [7]

And more recently, one after another ‘worrisome variant’, aberrant offspring of the original dreaded scourge, are introduced to stoke fear, and to ‘justify’ a renewed all-out battle against the relentless minute adversary, which of course can be reduced to a simple formula: take another jab from the bio-weapon.

The use of the word vaccines to describe the ‘COVID’ jabs and shots is a constant falsehood: in fact, it is unknown what any particular jab/shot contains, since some of the garbage in them is secret and variable. [8] What is clear now is they are diabolical bio-weapons that harm the wonderful human immune system, and are not effective protection against so-called COVID-19. [9]

Video: Charles Hoffe. Impacts of the covid-19 vaccine

[embedded content]
An ultimate evil crime against humanity is now being committed in deploying the bio-weapon against children and young people. The risk of the jab to children – including maiming and murdering – is real, and completely unnecessary, and signifies the crossing of an absolute red line by the perpetrators: the young are at minuscule to zero risk from the new flu-like illness labeled COVID-19. And this horrific crime against the young is cheered on by brainwashed parents, and ignorant or sociopath high profile politicians, medical authorities, and mass media. [10]

The testing procedure up into the back of the nose, which has been demanded of so many, so as to provide testing material for tests that as noted are largely nonsense, is still being inflicted on even very young children. A friend’s two year old has had that outrage done to her several times, before she gets to take masked part at a day care. The child has had a series of eye infections after the prod. Medical authorities declare this intrusive, unnecessary, sometimes painful and potentially dangerous procedure, necessary and harmless. [11}

Facemasks remain required in many public places in many jurisdictions, based on continual advocacy by media, politicians and health officials. Their incessant refrain implies that masks will be a net health benefit. But masks impede normal respiration, communication and social interaction, become repositories of various pathogens, and are associated with a wide range of health problems, while not preventing disease agent transmission. Furthermore, masks dehumanize, and some jurisdictions have made the unmasked wonders of the human face illegal, or deemed to be a threat to others. In some jurisdictions a healthy happy unmasked human face has been transmuted into a socially irresponsible act, worthy of police cudgels. The masks, like social distancing, are human-dog obedience training. [12]

The gaslight has been especially hard at work denying the damage done by the jab/shot. Even to refer to adverse reactions to the vaccine is misleading. First, again, it’s not a vaccine. Second, when intentional harm is done to someone, the damage is not appropriately deemed an adverse reaction.

Nevertheless, since the adverse event reporting system is what we have, what has been established, before and after the COVID-19 evil was implemented, is that the system is extremely dysfunctional or misleading, reporting on an unknown but tiny percentage of actual adverse reactions. Whether one percent or less or more than one percent of harm done by the jab/shots is actually reported is unknown, but the number of deaths due to the jab/shot managing to get reported in Europe has now exceeded 30,000, and in the United States is near 20,000. Again, the real number of deaths is far greater. Reports of harm from the bio-weapon are now in the millions, and the real total is far greater. [13]

A Detroit ABC broadcaster asked their Facebook audience in September of 2021 for stories about COVID harm among the unvaccinated. The response by the audience was to inundate the station with this: many tens of thousands of comments of the damage done by the so-called vaccine.

Recent reports of large numbers of young athletes dropping dead or having serious health problems after the jab/shot are part of massive evidence that the jab/shots have already harmed countless millions of people. [14]

Of the many more evils that the barrage of falsehood and absurdity has promoted, of note is the widespread medical repudiation of an ethical and legal fundament of medicine – informed consent: Since the jabs and shots are by definition experimental, and with unknown ingredients, and with ultimate effect unknown, no one could possibly make a well informed decision about them. It is now apparent that the jab/shots are pernicious and don’t give the benefit they claim, but this information is being widely denied, and withheld. People continue to be coerced into submitting to the injection.

Many more absurdities could be mentioned: for example, ‘back to normal’ has become a constantly retreating mirage, as face masks and social distancing and such have been maintained after a large part of the population have been injected with the bio-weapon. And those ‘vaccinated’ are in many instances now fearful of, and hostile towards, those refusing the bio-weapon. The so-called vaccine passports have nothing to do with health, since the jabs/shots do not prevent people from either getting or spreading COVID-like health problems. The evidence mounts that the ‘jabs’ are far more dangerous that the ‘deadly virus’. [15]

Last, a brief note on another seemingly unrelated topic of potentially deadly implication, which has burned bright via the gaslight for some decades now, effective preparation for the mass maiming, murder and destruction process underway. I am referring to the absurdity that human beings are driving climate change, and thus destroying Earth, and thus irredeemably bad. I will comment more on this issue later. For now, the ‘humans are bad’ theme, buttressed by the human-caused climate change absurdity, can be understood as a key preparatory absurdity for the human culling and subjugation project.

On genocidal gaslighting’s one-two punch, the ‘deadly germ’ and ‘protective vaccine’

As noted above, three main initial aims of the COVID operation were to create dread in the public, ‘justify’ totalitarian measures by ‘authorities’, and to ‘pave the way’ for ‘salvation’, the ‘blessed bio-weapon’. A primary task was to camouflage the genesis of the scourge.

Thus, early in 2020 the TOPCC’s global propaganda system began to seed media with a series of ‘possible explanations’ and ‘plausible scenarios’ and the like on the subject of the origins of the dreaded mysterious entity. Variously, a bat virus had swooped in ‘from the wild’ and infected humanity, or maybe it came from some item in a meat market in China, or maybe it escaped from some lab, and now, look at the mess we’re in.

David E. Martin, PhD, has contributed much to our understanding of the origins of the ‘deadly virus’, also commonly referred to as a ‘new corona virus’, or as SARS-COV-2, and commonly cited as the cause of COVID-19 flu-like health problems, but perhaps better described by words such as ‘mysterious terrorizing entity’.

Martin’s background includes having created a company that is at the forefront of deep and careful patent research. [16]

Here is a portion of his introductory remarks to his Nov. 5th, 2021 presentation at the Wise Traditions Conference:

“I am going to put my life energy on a single focus. And that is until we hold the criminal conspiracy accountable, and we end the emergency use authorization we’re not done. And there is no other topic, right now, and I don’t care what topic you love, there is no other topic that I am concerning myself with save the preservation of the next generation from a mass murdering, genocidal, psychopathic group of criminals who’ve decided that they can look at a five year old with contempt.” [17]

Here are a few comments by Martin, first from a Jul 20th, 2021 interview by Stew Peters, and then from a presentation published as an article by Dr. Martin in the August/September edition of Common Ground.

[embedded content]

Peters: “So, there really is no virus.”

Martin: “No!…. this ‘novel virus’ thing … in 2002 Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina [and others] file a patent on what they referred to as an infective, transmission-defective form of corona virus. Now think what I just said: …. What does that mean?”

“In 1999 Anthony Fauci wanted to … use a virus as a vaccine. …. That is actually a bad idea. But what he wanted to do was to take … the corona virus, and he wanted to make it mutated and chimerically altered and recombinated so that he could … target human lung epithelium …. And what Ralph Baric’s team did in 2002 they patented a whole bunch of and variations of corona virus, which would make it more infectious to humans. ….”

“When you make an infectious replication-defective virus that is meant to target human lungs so that it’s more toxic … you built a Frankenstein! And in 2002 we knew that that Frankenstein was what it was. And remember that was the year before SARS number 1 …. We didn’t have SARS until we made the weapon. ….”

[Media hype about -RS] “…where did the [so-called new corona virus-RS] come from is actually a total misdirect. …. The problem is nothing started in Wuhan. Nothing!”

Peters: “[So] the vaccine wasn’t brought here to fight a virus, but the virus was here to introduce the vaccine.”

Martin: “Correct!” 18]

From Martin’s article in Common Ground:

“… 1998 … an enormous number of crimes using the patent system … [were found].

… 1999 … violation[s] of biological weapons treaties … [were uncovered].

And in 1999 going into 2000, we reported on the weaponization of biologic materials in violation of biological … weapons treaties.

… gain of function research in 1999 … [turned] a naturally occurring [corona virus] pathogen into an ‘infectious non-transmissible pathogen’

In 2002 the weaponization of the corona virus was complete.

There is no novel corona virus. There is a weaponized version of a computer simulation of a fragment that is in fact modeled to be a spike protein, analogous to what we’ve been told is the spike protein associated with SARS-COV-2.

… Canada’s role in this has received [virtually no media coverage].

[The so-called covid vaccine] … is not in fact a vaccine. It’s a gene therapy to create a bio-weapon.

This particular injection that we’re dealing with right now … is an mRNA model computer generated, not derived from … organic material.

[They call it a vaccine] “… because they wanted the shield of immunity of liability.”

[Masks and social distancing] … were decoys to distract us from the crimes that were being committed.

The crimes that are being committed are racketeering, bio-weapons, and in fact at least, reckless homicide, if not willful murder of massive numbers of our population.”[19]

There are a growing number of scientists and investigators who are trying to determine what is actually in the various jabs/shots, and what the various effects are. The gaslight has responded with unrelenting denunciation of unwelcome observations, even those coming from prestigious sources. [20]

I will include a few links in the footnotes, but materials reported include graphene oxide, various parasitic life forms, deadly chemicals, unknown contaminants, and weird structures, and saline solution. The effects of the jab/shots include clotting large and small, heart problems, sterility, miscarriage, cancer, impaired cognitive function and a wide range of serious neurological problems, sudden death, extreme fatigue, weird blue tooth connection, and magnetic effects.

Dr. Ariyana Love, in a Nov. 11th interview by Stew Peters, referred to a recent study from the University of Stockholm, which reached this catastrophic conclusion:

“COVID vaccines are deleting genes responsible for repairing DNA in humans ….” [21]

On the positive side, it is now evident that the human immune system is typically quite able to handle the weird little terrorizing entity, especially if given sensible help. [22]

When surveying the falsehood and pernicious acts characterizing the COVID operation, the scale of the corruption is immense. What explains the tenacity with which hordes of officials and prominent institutions have endorsed absurdities and facilitated crimes against humanity?

What is underlying so much corruption? How has it come to this? How did it happen that so many people would embrace the lie and defend the indefensible and commit so many vile deeds, including mass murder? How did so many people of weak or despicable character gain so many important positions?

‘Traditional’ means by which corrupt power attained corrupt minions include bribes, intimidation, blackmail, alluring ideology, and falsehoods. In the present situation there is chemical and electromagnetic involvement in the manipulation of people. But a key factor in the successful recruitment of so many people willing to kill, do harm, and lie, in conjunction with a widespread passivity and compliance in the face of apocalyptic evil, may be found in gradual multifaceted insidious processes during the many decades in which corrupt power has infiltrated and metastasized throughout society.

To be continued in Part II

Robert Snefjella is retired. Worked as an organic farmer and contractor.


[1] Dr. Shankara Chetty in the short video linked below: “the spike protein is one of the most contrived poisons or toxins that man has ever made. The aim of this toxin is to kill billions without anyone noticing. So it’s a poison with an agenda. Now we’ve got an engineered virus and we’ve got a mandated vaccine…. The vaccines make absolutely no sense…. The vaccines have no group benefit.

[2] WHO corruption is of long standing. For example, the WHO in 1959 made a secret agreement with the nuclear lobby IAEA to give the nuclear industry effective control over what the public was told by the WHO pertaining to radioactivity’s impact on human health.

In 2009 the swine flu scam was facilitated by the WHO, making vaccine producers billions, and prompting Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg to call it “the medicine scandal of the century”. ttps://

The WHO early in the COVID scam process predicted a death rate of 3.4%, which would be a dreaded scourge. The actual death rate, inflated by fraud, and despite enormous impediments thrown up against sensible treatment, was in 2020 more or less normal. Curiously, the flu just about disappeared when the COVID scam appeared.

[3] When the ‘pandemic’ was declared the number of supposed ‘cases’ were 44279, and 1440 deaths supposedly due to COVID, outside of China, as cited by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky in his COVID timeline at

[4] Since Constitutions form foundational or primary laws for the people of a political jurisdiction, and all are subject to these basic rules, the act of abrogating or over-riding the Constitution signals the onset of tyranny. Natural Law gives all life the right to defend itself from lethal aggression. Common Law validates people’s common sense right and duty to defend against criminal aggression.

The effect of ‘medical martial law’ also included the destruction of countless small businesses while large corporations remained open, the cessation of religious and political gatherings, while liquor stores remained open, the curtailment of family visits to loved ones, and greatly increased stress, depression, drug abuse, and family financial problems. But ironically, and perhaps of eventual great benefit, many people now had time from their usually busy lives to plunge into investigating what was really going on.

[5] Hospitals eager to fuel the gaslight for financial benefit have stooped to recording any convenient death as a COVID death.

The PCR test has been used to manipulate the number of so-called cases of the ‘dreaded scourge’, with its wildly exaggerated dangers. The PCR test’s inventor, Dr. Kary B. Mullis, deemed the technology not appropriate for diagnosis, and able to find “just about anything in anyone.” A Portuguese court sensibly ruled in effect that it was absurd to make public policy on the basis of the PCR tests as used. The test as commonly used has been found to produce 97% false positive results, and furthermore, miniscule amounts of viral RNA detected do not demonstrate an infectious situation.

[6] Of countless examples of doctors being attacked by medical ‘authorities’ for practicing good medicine in response to patients with COVID-19 symptoms, Druthers Nov. 2021 edition, published Dr. Daniel Nagase’s powerful speech given on the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, describing his experience in Alberta, Canada, in 2021. Dr. Nagase had the temerity to try to save lives with proper treatment, and for that he was relieved of his duties. He said: “We are here to remember every doctor who stopped patients from having a life saving medication.” and “Nuremberg will happen again.”

Many hospitals insist upon protocols which ensure death or injury to patients. Here is a recent report of a patient saved from the hospital’s deadly protocol by a determined family member and a determined judge:

[7] Many whistleblowers have now come forward to declare that their hospital has been overwhelmed with vaccine injured people, who are falsely described in mass media and by hospital officials and politicians as an inundation of serious cases of COVID in people not having received the bio-weapon. The Stew Peters show alone has had a number of such whistleblower interviews. One example from Sept. 17, 2021:

[8] What is in the jabs? Dr. Luis De Benito found Bluetooth connectivity in a large majority of ‘jabbed’ people, and none in the ‘un-jabbed’.

Thousands have shown that magnets and metals stick to their bodies after having been given the bio-weapon.

In Japan, Moderna vials were found to contain contaminants.

graphene oxide has been found by various researchers.

Other researchers have found parasites.

[9] More and more evidence accumulates of so-called COVID vaccine’s harm:

Dr. Ryan Cole on increase in cancers and immune system damage from the bio-weapon:

Dr. Charles Hoffe states 62 percent of his jabbed patients show blood clot damage

[10) Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, known for his highly effective COVID treatment protocol, was asked why anyone would inject the young with the bio-weapon: “only if you believe in child sacrifice”

[11] The goals of the COVID scam include doing harm in subtle ways to people. The nose swab prod obviously presents another way in which harm can be inflicted. The swabs have been found to be made of various materials, including weird structures of indeterminate actual intent.

The following link includes several further links with troubling info on the swabs :

[12] The mask craze is an experiment intended to create social division, ill health,and human-dog obedience training. It does not have overall health benefit. Masks are associated with various health problems:

Here is a link to Anthony Colpo’s shredding of the CDC’s mask pretensions: From Colpo: “Masks are supposed to protect one from infection with airborne viruses. Blaming the failure of masks on those who don’t wear masks is every bit as stupid as blaming the failure of vaccines on the unvaccinated.”

[13] As of Oct. 19, 2021, in the UK, EU, and USA, there were a total of 45, 250 deaths related to Covid-19 injections, and 7, 418, 980 injuries. It is well established that these reported totals represent a small percentage of the real totals.

[14] On athletes suddenly dropping dead:

[15] More and more irrefutable evidence is accumulating that the injected bioweapon is far more dangerous than the hyped and nebulous Covid-19 mini-scourge:

[16] David Martin’s website:

[17] link to David. E. Martin’s speech at the Wise Traditions Conference:

[18] Stew Peter’s July 20, 2021 interview of David E.Martin:

[19] Common Ground:

20] Twitter doesn’t want you to know that the American Heart Association reported heart damage from jab

[21] Nov. 11th 2021 interview of Naturopathic Dr. Ariyana Love by Stew Peters:

[22] natural immunity as superior to ‘vaccine’:

Original Article:


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