Report: School District Warns Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Grades K-12

Report: School District Warns Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Grades K-12

A school district in New York informed parents that staff are now required to monitor for signs of cardiac arrest in children, according to an email reported by the Gateway Pundit.

Eastport-South Manor Central School District in Suffolk County, New York, also told parents that a new regulation requires staff to watch for “students who exhibit signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest,” the email stated.


“I find it disturbing that they are now bringing on the new medical staff who specialize in sudden cardiac arrest,” a parent told the outlet. “Considering we are seeing a lot of adolescents and athletes dying days after getting their COVID shots, it seems they are preparing for this.”

Interestingly, back in November, the school district said it opposed a vaccine mandate for students.

“The Gateway Pundit has reached out to the school district for a comment,” the outlet added. “We will update the article as we receive additional details.”

Below is the email in full:

Dear ESM Community,

The district is very pleased to introduce our new district doctor, Melina Khwaja, MD. Dr. Khwaja is an Emergency Medicine Board Certified Physician with over 10 years’ experience as an attending at University Hospital at Stony Brook treating patients, teaching, and supervising medical students and residents. Currently, Dr. Khwaja is the owner and operator of independent urgent care centers in West Babylon and Manorville, NY. Dr. Khwaja has already spent a great deal of time working with our school nurses to improve our systems, practices and to implement all new required regulations.


One such effort has to do with new regulations regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest. All districts are now required to ensure that nurses and coaches can address the treatment and monitoring of students who exhibit signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest. In addition, districts are required to make sure that all staff are aware of the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest and what to do if a person experiences sudden cardiac arrest. Please see the attached information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

The attached health survey is necessary for our medical staff to complete student physicals. To ensure that our medical staff have the necessary cardiac health information for all students, we ask that you please complete the attached student health survey and send it to your child’s school nurse. Even if your child has already had their annual physical, and you have provided the school with that information, please complete the first section of the attached form to provide the school nurse with the additional student health history regarding sudden cardiac arrest.

December 31, 2021, is the deadline for school physicals. If your child has not already had their annual physical, we will be providing student physicals during the week of Jan 10-14.

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