The Next Step = Arrests of the genocidal politicians, by the people or by the people and the fired police and military working together

Dylan Eleven | | December 17 2021

The next step is for the people to arrest all politicians, advisors and media puppets that have purposefully crashed our financial systems and committed mass genocide.

We are fighting them in courts but courts are corrupt and still they push their genocidal Vaccine campaign.

How long are people supposed to sit there watching these bastards spew garbage on tv and continue to slaughter the population with vaccines.

The next step is to arrest but who and how can we start this process?.

We are willing and able as a people to make these arrests and we are already late in doing this.

We either have to do this on our own as a group of people that storm the castles and arrest these leaders hell bent on genocide;

Or we can form a collaboration between the people and the fired (for non vaccine compliance) police and armed forces and any other police officer that are in service that will stand up and perform their oath.

The police took an oath to uphold the constitution. They are not upholding that oath and are not doing the arrests of the genocidal that are needed.

We the people under international law can make citizen arrests and hold trials.

But that is easier said than done. These people have armed guards. We can do this ourselves. We are willing to do this. This may be our fight and our fight alone.

Police are not doing their job and the police are firing people now for not complying with illegal vaccine mandates.

Can we organize and hire all police and military who have been fired. To join with the people and form local units of the peoples police and armed forces to work with the people to make these arrests.

We can rally in our communities to hire the police and armed forces that are trained for arrests and combat. They can also help train the masses and with the support of the people, arrest the criminals in power.

We the people hire all military and police to actually do the job they were supposed to do in the first place and work with us to end this shit.

This would pay the laid off police who said no to the vaccine and save the world in the process. That is a crowd funding campaign to start locally.

Local law enforcement hired directly by the people to uphold their original oath and stand with the people.

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