The true forces behind the global cull

The true forces behind the global cull
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Archaeological evidence of Lucifer and the Fallen Angels

All around planet earth, an evil network of secret societies traffic children, perform cannibal rituals and use ancient Hebrew & Sumerian mystic books called GRIMOIRES to summon demons.

Many pacts are signed in blood with these demons…

Satanists call them the ‘Old Ones’…

In KABBALAH these demons are described as the ‘Quilipoth’ which are ‘husks’ or ‘shells’…

The Kabbalists believe demons are mutant mistakes from the time of creation which haunt people’s homes and can even possess and take over a human body…

Each of these 72 demons control legions of lesser demons – and each has a certain proclivity for causing headaches, fatigue, tiredness, gluttony, confusion, colds and flu, cancer, and other debilitating disease.

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Millions of people are either possessed or partially possessed by these demons, who enter the human body at times of weakness, or during drug taking sessions, or when a person opens a portal such as when they experiment with a ouija board.

The most damaging and ancient of these demons are called the FALLEN ANGELS who inhabit hell.

Occultists such as Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley translated ancient texts and called these Fallen Angels by many names…

Helena Blavatsky – whose great uncle was a prominent member of the Order of Perfectibilists [a splinter from the Bavarian Illuminati run by Adam Weishaupt and Duke Altenburg] – described them as the ‘SECRET MASTERS’ and Crowley, who was a freemason and black magician, channeled an entity resembling a Grey Alien called LAM….

And that’s just the start of one episode of the ENIGMA CHANNEL’s “FALLEN ANGELS” TV series…

Jericho is the oldest known city so far excavated. Children & babies were buried alive in the foundation walls. Deformed human skulls have been found, deliberately plastered with sea-shells inserted into the eye sockets. The Enigma Channel’s FALLEN ANGELS tv series investigates how spirits were summoned to speak through these skulls.


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