A Canadian Summary Of The Current Situation


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To Sum Up:

We are at a critical crossroads. Our Governments have abandoned the rule of law. They are ignoring the Canadian Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – The Justice System has sided with the enemy. They have bought-out law firms, thus taking away peaceful defense. Most law enforcement agencies have become New World Order enforcers.

It is clear that they have declared war on the people of Canada – and on a segment of the Canadian population in particular. We have been suffering casualties daily for almost two years now. They have attacked the defenseless elderly in seniors homes. They have preyed on the law-abiding unsuspecting population. They have been subjecting the population to psychological terrorism through their propaganda arm, (mainstream media), relentlessly. They are using lethal nanotechnology and bioweapons deployed via injections to kill and control. They are destroying businesses and professional livelihoods. They have infiltrated all levels of our Governments, Police forces, Intelligence Agencies, Civil Service, Health Services, the Media, Social Media, even our Military. They have highjacked science and medicine, they have been cancelling and silencing voices of truth and reason in the medical field! They’re actively committing crimes of murder, malfeasance and nonfeadense, to say the least.

We must not remain silent any longer. All of you that understand the danger must become activists against this evil enemy. Organize, form your local cells and prepare for COMBAT. We need to be ready to support LOYAL law enforcement personnel in making the arrests that need to be made. That’s where we’re at.

Have a productive weekend, see you in the streets! Dress warm!

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