Remember What I Told You About Use of Disclaimers?

Remember What I Told You About Use of Disclaimers?
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By Anna Von Reitz

Here is an excellent take off on the same theme, using the Public Duty and Public Law for authority:

In case the link doesn’t work, it shows a sign posted in a New York Restaurant simply saying, hey, we are a Constitutionally Compliant Business….. we don’t tread on anyone’s unalienable rights. We don’t follow the Governor’s, or Mayor’s, or…… restrictions. You are responsible for your own health…..

Which is basically the same kind of disclaimer making you liable for your decision to eat there. And for your health in general.

Businesses need to use Disclaimers like this to protect themselves from lawsuits on both sides of this issue and be up to speed in the event of any more gross over-reaches by the government service corporations.

Disclaimers combined with the Public Duty obligation is especially powerful. I believe that I told everyone on more than one occasion, that you cannot be arrested or even verbally accosted for performing your Public Duty to uphold the Constitutional Guarantees.

The moment that Disclaimer goes up on your wall and the words “Public Duty” come out of your mouth, your business —- even if it is incorporated — is bullet-proof against any interference. You are free.

It would be appropriate to note that like people, restaurants and other businesses can operate in international trade or international commerce, depending on whether they are unincorporated or incorporated.

Businesses that operate as unincorporated entities have the weight of the evidence in their favor that they are engaged in international trade and are not functioning as “voluntary” Transactors in Commerce — but at the first sign of any trouble from bureaucrats, it pays to serve notice to the United States Attorney General and make that explicit, and bring forward any complaints you may have.

Incorporated businesses are generally expected to bend the knee, but remember, they have been chartered via the exercise of our delegated power and ultimately belong to us, therefore they do carry a Public Duty to obey the Public Law, and they can use this Public Duty as their authority to not comply with illegal demands and mandates from politicians.

So, welcome to the Wonderful World of Defensive Disclaimers — so called because they are pre-emptive measures that establish roles and responsibilities that may otherwise be implied or misconstrued. And also, embrace the beauties of your Public Duty; upholding the Constitution is more than a pretty phrase. Your Public Duty to peacefully uphold and enforce the Constitutional Guarantees is as sacrosanct as the Guarantees themselves.

Use the tools at your command and bullet-proof your business and your country from over-reaching bureaucrats. The rest of us will thank you.

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