Stand Together, march together, win together

Stand Together, march together, win together
The Liberty Beacon / Steve Cook

Steve Cook December 21, 2021

This was posted by those great people of the Awakened Pages group.

They exemplify the spirit of our Liberty Reset in which awakened and enlightened groups communities and individuals look out for and help each other.

Survival is a team game.

United, we win.

So in that spirit I am personally forwarding their message and will also run it on on my sites

“A man is not finished when he’s defeated; he’s finished when he quits.”

“SITP have had their group removed from Facebook three times so this is their new one.

This group has united people in parks across the country since they formed and have been an important support network for many of us.

Please follow this link and join their group… and consider going along to one local to you… or even starting your own one.

These guys are very deserving of our support.”


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