Let’s make this whole COVID subject very simple. As simple as 1,2,3

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com | December 23 2021

Navigating the truth and lies in a deliberate miss information campaign is a full time job.

I have navigated this information from all sides for 30 years. I have worked as a journalist for 16 years, exposing the truth in the sea of lies.

Logic keeps me on track and prevails every time.

I just read a lengthy article debating the virus/no virus concept. They cast doubt on Dr Kaufman and Dr Young and throw doubt on the no virus claim as they say it can’t be proven it does not exist and it can’t be proven it does exist.

The debate is becoming deliberately confusing to distract people from reality.

Instead of focusing on theses issues (and many others) we can step back from the debate for a moment and look at facts that have been proven.

We do this to gain a big picture understating.

For this exercise, strip away all labels, opinions, media coverage, doctors opinions on both sides.

Ignore for a moment The thousands of articles and research and testimonies.

Let’s not look at who said what, ignore all celebrities, all writers, including me for a moment.

Take all that information away and just look at these simple facts and act accordingly.

Look at this information with fresh eyes, with no pre conceived ideas, and you can see the simple truth.

Ok it’s as simple as 1,2,3:

1. 2020 The total number of deaths was the same as any other year. There was no pandemic, no extra deaths.

2. 2021 Since the injected substance they are calling a vaccine has rolled out, total number of deaths has increased considerably. And most people who were killed or injured had at least one injection put into their bodies.

3. Therefore anyone pushing the lie of 1 and the genocide of 2, have committed crimes against humanity and need to be arrested.

That’s it.

1. There was no pandemic, they renamed the flu symptoms covid, and there was no extra deaths compared to the previous years.

2. Now people are being hurt and killed by these injections, they are calling vaccines.

3. We need to arrest those responsible for 1 and 2

The rest is confusing noise stopping the masses from simply rejecting the notion that there was a pandemic and rejecting an injection that can kill or hurt them.

We need to reject all covid measures, help those who have been hurt by these vaccines. And arrest those responsible.

Any other action adds to the casualty count.

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