Mandatory Kill Shots Coming?

Mandatory Kill Shots Coming?
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

Monster Fauci earlier suggested that kill shots may be mandated for Americans in all age groups if enough people aren’t mind-manipulated to be fully-jabbed voluntarily, adding:

If (tens of millions of) hardcore refuseniks continue to hold out, tougher tactics many be needed to persuade them.

If up to him, they’d be banned from employment, education, travel, and access to other public places.

After expressing opposition to mandated mass-jabbing of the public earlier, he now apparently supports the diabolical notion that demands mass opposition.

Time and again, he defies science by falsely claiming that kill shots designed to destroy health protect it.

On Monday, fraudster surgeon general Vivek Murthy lied to the US public as follows, saying:

“In the coming weeks, we are going to see a spike in cases (sic).”

“(T)hat’s because (more scariant than variant) omicron is incredibly transmissible (sic).”

“(T)here will be a stark difference between the experience of those who are (jabbed) and boosted versus those who are un(jabbed) (sic).”

Indeed but the reverse of Murthy falsely claimed lies ahead.

The unjabbed — and individuals with natural immunity — are significantly safer from infection than the jabbed.

Multi-jabbed individuals are unsafest of all.

Like co-fraudsters Fauci, Walensky and other Biden regime anti-public health monsters, Murthy recites a litany of bald-faced Big Lies in all remarks about flu/covid.

He lied claiming that remaining unjabbed “risk(s) losing your life to” a SARS-CoV-2 virus that doesn’t exist.

He lied saying that “getting (jabbed) and boosted is the best way to protect yourself (including) against omicron (sic).”

According to CNN’s resident medical fraudster Leana Wen’s fake news:

Jabbed individuals should be “quarantine(d) (for) three days” and test negative before visiting an older and/or immunocompromised person (sic).

The above is one of many examples of her pseudo-science rubbish.

The same applies to her reinvention of reality by falsely claiming that “breakthrough infections (don’t) mean (that jabs) don’t work (sic).”

Based on real science, not the fake kind she relies on, jabs cause the vast majority of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

He reports and others MSM feature exclude truth and full disclosure on the most important cutting-edge issue of all time.

Virtually everything they push is crucial to shun.

She and likeminded fraudsters push multi-jabbing, testing and masks.

All of the above destroys health, why it’s relentlessly promoted by US/Western dark forces, their MSM press agents, and legions of fraudsters like Wen.

Separately, apartheid Israel went where it’s never gone before by adding hegemon USA to its no-fly list.

Numbering around 50 countries — over nothing — they also include Britain, Italy, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Belgium, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland, and many African countries with extremely low numbers of flu/covid cases, among others.

Israelis returning from no-fly-listed countries are quarantined on arrival for seven days — again over nothing.

The mother of all scams continues with no end of it in prospect without mass resistance against tolerating it no longer.

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