2022: Let’s Stand for Our Children ! Where is our Righteous Anger?

2022: Let’s Stand for Our Children ! Where is our Righteous Anger?
Henry Makow


These last few years have been nothing short of torture for young people.

They were isolated, afraid, and abandoned,

while our Teacher’s Union finagled more privileges.” — Diane, a Seattle mother

Humanity is on the receiving-end of the hatred high-level Satanists feel for it.
Satan is trying to destroy what may be God’s highest material creation, sad to say.

Covid is the nothing but the common flu re-branded –The seasonal flu has virtually disappeared.


This scam is just a pretext to make money and downsize humanity. JR admits it.

Makow comment– Each child is a gift from God to humanity. Children are the future. They must be nurtured and protected instead of traumatized by mindless dupes. Who allows themselves to injected with a substance, the ingredients of which the manufacturer, who is protected from liability, refuses to disclose? Who tries to impose their stupidity on people capable of recognizing it? And we wonder how the Nazis came to power? A repeat is happening right here. At the very top, the Nazis and the Communists belonged to the same satanist cult.

By Diane, a Seattle mother

I have no great words to impart--but if you have a way to stand up and rise up, please find a way to do it!

I have been following this site for over 10 years and it changed my life. I am a former health care consultant, now a teacher in my latter career years. I have teenage sons and live in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

Please turn your Righteous Anger into momentum for the Positive!

Male Teen Suicides in My School District

Thus far, in the last year and a half, four young men in our small school district have committed suicide. That is just in our public schools. That’s four more than died of Covid 19. These were ALL MALES–and lets just acknowledge the teen years and learning online (less physical interaction with the world) are more difficult for males.

These last few years have been nothing short of torture for young people. They were isolated, afraid, and abandoned, while our Teacher’s Union finagled more privileges.

little-children-medical-face-masks-playground-covid-quarantine-200372299.jpgLittle Children in Masks–Even at Recess!

Every day–all over the world–little children struggle to breathe for the entire school day. What is wrong with a society that allows this? They cannot run and play at recess without struggling to breathe! Why are there not health tests being done on their oxygen saturation levels during the day. This has got to be harming their health! What are the long term effects!?

We are surely under some kind of hypnosis or spell, not to be defending our children’s rights! Are we that afraid of a mostly-harmless virus. It is worth it to deprive little children the right to breathe air? What is worth that?

Synchronous Events–Waking Others and Sharing our Knowledge !

Maybe its God’s way of showing me that my research and passion has not gone to waste. But in the last year, several events have occurred where I’ve been able share information with colleagues, friends, and random people I meet–about what is occurring. I will continue to pray for these events and hope others will share in these experiences!

Shunned from my neighbors and colleagues: WORTH IT!

I was kicked out of the teacher’s union Facebook page for posting evidence about the effectiveness of masks. (BTW, I no longer belong to the Union.)

Even a few months ago, I was walking around upset that my neighbors, and my colleagues–and even my own children–were expressing negative feelings and even shunning me for expressing my opinions about what occurring. One neighbor won’t allow her children (whom I love) to even walk on my sidewalk because of my views. These children practically lived at my house in years past. Now I realize I was a coward for being upset about what others feel. Its worth it for us to speak up. We are planting a seed. Now a few of my colleagues and neighbors are coming around to the truth. They are hearing it from other places as well and its starting to grow. Let’s keep it up!

Take your Righteous Anger into 2022!

It’s time to get angry and use our Righteous Anger to spark the positive and to make a change. I know the clamp down is coming. More and more people are getting angry. They are starting to wake up. This is a great opportunity for us to share what we’ve learned and help others understand what is truly occurring.


Joy and Peace in the New Year!

First Comment from Reddit Conspiracy-

The stories that I hear about these kids on a daily basis is insane. Multiple instances of kids yelling things like “I want to kill myself” “I hate myself and everything.” I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t even remember being familiar with self hate to that degree when I was younger. Perhaps I was just lucky. Truthfully though I think this is an effect of lockdowns/having too much time alone with electronics/on social media’s like tik tok. Additionally- at the beginning, middle, and end of the year, the kids take the same test to see how much they’ve progressed. My girlfriend tells me that for the first time ever in her teaching career, almost ALL of the kids have gotten worse grades the second time testing. I’m genuinely worried for this next generation.


Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek on Twitter
“You do realize we are raising millions of traumatized children. Constant testing, masking, vaxxing for an illness they don’t have. Terrified of the real world. Escaping into technology. This is the worst crime. The future does not look bright. Sorry.”

Original Article: https://henrymakow.com/2021/12/2022-lets-stand-for-our-children.html

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