German Health Minister’s Strange Behaviour Creates Social Media Stir

German Health Minister’s Strange Behaviour Creates Social Media Stir
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ER Editor: French site Qactus had this to say about this video –


What do you understand in this video, are we really dealing with a humanoid robot that went into standby mode in the middle of a live broadcast?

There are several indicators that this man’s grasp on reality is not all it should be.


German health minister’s strange behaviour creates social media stir

The clownish German health minister has been attracting attention with his strange behavior again. Most recently it was at the federal press conference in Berlin.


BERLIN – Karl Lauterbach does not look very healthy, and especially his mental state is cause for concern. At the federal press conference on December 22, he appeared to suffer from a brief lapse. When a journalist asks him a question, he suddenly inexplicably slumps over.

RT-DE captured Lauterbach’s collapse.

Worrying data from Germany showing how vaccines do not work but rather contribute to disease may be a reason for the government’s efforts to blame the Omicron variant for their own failure in foisting a faulty product on their population.

Despite good news from South Africa, Lauterbach continues to claim the Omicron virus variant “dwarfs everything that we have seen so far in the pandemic”. He has urgently called for the booster vaccinations to be accelerated while the Federal Government’s Expert Council has warned of the “collapse of the entire critical infrastructure”.

But a study by South Africa’s largest private health insurer, Discovery Health, showed that the number of natural deaths is significantly lower than in previous waves.



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German Health Minister’s Strange Behaviour Creates Social Media Stir


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