Tyranny of Flu/Covid Related Fake News

Tyranny of Flu/Covid Related Fake News
Stephen Lendman / stephenlendman

Throughout the US/West, the public faces a daily blitzkrieg of fake news about all things flu/covid, especially about kill shots designed to destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting it.

At his Wednesday fake news briefing, Biden regime flu/covid response coordinator Zeffrey Zients began by claiming a “significant rise in (more scariant than variant) omicron cases (sic).”

Defying science, he falsely claimed that “fully (jabbed) people…are highly protected (sic)” — instead of explaining it’s the other way around.

He knowingly and willfully lied by saying that the “un(jabbed) are at a higher risk of getting severely ill from (flu/covid), getting hospitalized, and dying (sic).”

Jabs are responsible for irreversible harm to everyone permitting their health-destroying toxins to be inoculated into their bodies.

Like always when Biden regime officials comment on flu/covid, information on known safe, effective, and inexpensive protocols able to treat and cure the illness in a few days is suppressed.

Instead, kill shots by syringes and in pill form are pushed — what’s crucial to shun.

Heavily promoted, hazardous to health, treatments were inadequately tested and rushed to market with maximum harm on maximum numbers of people — and maximum Pharma profits in mind.

Shunning them is crucial to protect health. Taking them assures harm.

What Zients claimed to be “lifesaving” drugs harmed countless millions and killed hundreds of thousands in the US alone.

Like fraudsters Fauci and Walensky, Zients willfully and maliciously lied by pushing what irreversibly harms and doesn’t protect.

Claiming that “tools (are being used) to keep people safe” is polar opposite what’s gone on since last year.

At the same fake news briefing, fraudster Walensky falsely claimed that the nation is experiencing nearly 150,000 flu/covid outbreaks daily.

The phony number is based on tests that when positive are nearly always false.

The true number of daily outbreaks is less than 10% of fake ones promoted.

Jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of real outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

The unjabbed and individuals with natural immunity are profoundly safer.

Since omicron was invented and rolled out, fear-mongering by Walensky, Fauci and other Biden regime officials have gone all-out to keep pushing mind-manipulated Americans to self-inflict harm by jabs designed for this purpose.

“Get (jabbed). Get boosted. Wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial and high-risk community transmission, and take a test before you gather (sic),” Walensky roared — with pushing maximum harm on maximum numbers of people mind

The opposite of the above protects health. Going along with what she’s pushing destroys it.

Days earlier, inventor of mRNA technology used by Pfizer and Moderna in their kill shots, Dr. Robert Malone, debunked fake news by the Walensky-headed CDC, saying:

The agency “compromised (its) official position that there have been no vaccine related deaths.”

“That is completely untenable…The CDC is willfully” lying.

“And (it) placed a whole bunch of different strategic initiatives, like redefining what is the disease, redefining when you’re (jabbed), how long that (jab) window, you’re not considered fully (jabbed) until you’re over 14 days after jab number two.”

“And so everything else is considered the same as un(jabbed).”

“It’s just a bunch of data manipulation and management.”

“And we know that is a transparent attempt to hide the truth.”

“They’re paying doctors to support the dominant narrative.”

They’re “getting cash in the form of thousands of dollars.”

“Hospitals are getting paid to overrepresent those dying of this disease, rather than having been infected potentially within the hospital” or dying from another disease.

Pharma profiteers “will not…sell (their drugs to buyers who don’t) agree to complete indemnification.”

“They have to be completely protected from risk…”

“That is not the sign of the safe and effective product.”

Researcher Steve Kirsch explained that miscarriage rates doubled after the Trump regime launched so-called Operation Warp Speed, adding:

Kill shots “should be immediately stopped.”

Instead, they’re relentlessly pushed by US/Western dark forces and their MSM press agents.

A Final Comment

Effective January 1, emergency use authorization ends for PCR testing that’s all about producing false positives when no emergency exists.

Hold the cheers. So-called “authorized (flu/covid) diagnostic methods” will be used next year to continue producing illusory flu/covid illness in healthy people.

The policy change is no change at all.

The mother of all state-sponsored scams will continue with new twists to keep fear-mongering people to self-inflict harm from toxic jabs.

Separately, will what’s going on in police state Austria spread throughout the West and elsewhere?

The Schallenberg regime reportedly is hunting down refuseniks.

They face stiff fines or imprisonment for the “crime” of protecting their health by abstaining from jabs designed to destroy it.

Weeks earlier the World Council for Health called for immediately halting “the manufacturing, distribution, administration or promotion of experimental injections” for flu/covid, adding:

“(E)very living man and woman has a moral and legal duty to take immediate and decisive action to halt this unprecedented medical experiment, which continues to cause unnecessary and immeasurable harm.”

What’s gone on since last year is a made-in-the-USA war on public health and what remains of greatly eroded freedoms.

If the diabolical scheme continues unchecked, everything most crucial to protect and preserve will be lost to the scourge of tyrannical rule.

Original Article: https://stephenlendman.org/2021/12/27/tyranny-of-flu-covid-related-fake-news/

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