Mandates are only policies they are not laws

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Mandates are only policies they are not laws, they cannot be enforced using law enforcement That’s why when you get your vaccine they ask if you are there of your own free will Mandatory, Compulsory, Policy, Rule, and Legislation are not statutory Laws merely an exercise in grammar. Legislation is guidance, not Statutory Law.

All mandates are only legal if the person or persons being mandated against agreeing to it if not it is completely illegal.

Mandates are only policies they are not laws; they cannot be enforced using law enforcement That’s why when you get your vaccine they ask if you are there of your own free will. IT IS NOT LAW!

These are all acts and statutes which are not lawful, and you do not have to comply. There is a difference between legal and lawful and all these Covid rules are not lawful.

People need to read up on their common law rights which the government doesn’t want you to know about. Lockdowns / Mandates / Govt Rules / Requests / Guidelines – They are not LAWS.

Just decline the Govt Requests – If you decline the Govt Request they do not apply to you. I’ve declined all in the past 2 years. I’ve not obeyed any to date, without any problems, I’ve never been stopped going where I want to, and I’ve never been stopped entry to anywhere Mask Free 100% for 2 years.

We are in the calm before the storm. Prepare for the storm. Operation Dark Winter

Contact what used to be the PHE with an FOI request, they will tell you they have no information. It has already been stated by at least one therapy manufacturer, Moderna, that they never received the full genome sequence of this virus and had to guess the full sequence from a database on a computer. Just because there is a sequence for a virus does not prove that it is causing illness in people. That is the ultimate point of isolating a virus correctly and has never been done. Plandemic Project Fear World Economic Forum / Great Reset “You will own nothing and be happy” Operation Lockstep — Event 201


(When I refer to their term vaccine, I’m aware that they are not vaccines as we have understood them in the past, moreover experimental gene therapies)

1) Overstating figures from Covid deaths by including non Covid deaths that have simply just tested positive within 28 days and in some cases, up to 60 days.

2) Understating death figures from the Covid vaccine by not including deaths that have occurred within 14 days of latest jab or at anytime from 1st jab by classing them as unvaccinated.

3) The average age of a Covid victim dying of the disease in the UK is 83 – ie higher than average life expectancy in general.

4) Indemnifying the vaccine manufacturers of all responsibility.

5) Censoring anyone, especially medical experts whose opinions, research or evidence contradicts the official narrative.

6) The obvious push for vaccine uptake by encouraging vaccine promotion and coercion coupled with restrictions and punishments for vaccine refusal, despite the fact that the vaccine does NOT prevent you from contracting OR spreading the disease. In addition, the horrific track record of these vaccines in relation to deaths and injuries and the fact that they are still in the experimental stages (as they were rushed without proper, extensive testing over time) at the time of this coercion.

7) If the vaccines are about public health why are the incentives for getting one unhealthy options like junk food (burgers, donuts and kebabs etc)? Why not fresh fruit and vegetables or a gym membership?

8) The vaccines are unsafe – the yellow card reporting system is testament to that, but how can they be promoted as effective when, at the tail end of 2021 and we are told the vast majority of the population have been jabbed, that cases have reached a record high?

9) Why has the hospitality sector been targeted despite contributing to no more than 5% of cases? Why have gyms been closed if the interest of public health is important? Social interactions between people have been discouraged to stop the truth from being revealed.

10) Why are the cycles in PCR test pushed up to levels that significantly skew figures with false positives?Why do they need a ridiculously long swab to go up your nose when just a sample of saliva is sufficient?Why is the PCR test used at all when its inventor Kary Mullis said it was incompatible to be used for testing for Covid?

11) Why are their vaccines being used at all, when the inventor, Robert Malone designed them for cancer treatment not a disease like Covid and indeed, there is a 99.995% chance of surviving the disease anyway? WHY ARE MANY DOCTORS UNAWARE OF THE VACCINE INGREDIENTS? INFORMED CONSENT IS THEREFORE UNABLE TO BE GIVEN!

12) Why is ivermectin SECRETLY being given to vaccinated patients who are ill with Covid to favourably skew their recovery rates but denied to unvaccinated patients ill with Covid to skew their recovery rates unfavourably? This information came to light after a healthcare whistle-blower revealed that this is what has happened. 

13) Ivermectin is being besmirched as a quack medicine because, although it is highly effective, it’s cheap and harms Big Pharma’s profits.

14) Where did all the Midazolam go?

15) Why has there not only NOT been a significant reduction in the world’s population during a pandemic but actually an increase?

16) Why did flu disappear in 2020 but had been a regular event every year up to 2019?

17) Deaths from cancer and heart disease have rocketed (but they been attributed to Covid) because those patients have been turned away from empty hospitals whilst nurses make TikTok videos.

18) The fact that Gillick Competence only works one way – an informed child CAN’T override uninformed parents to refuse the jab but an uninformed child CAN override informed parents to have the jab.

19) Why do staff who work at Covid test stations and come into contact with people who have tested positive EVERY day not have to self isolate?

20) Why are the government’s official Yellow Card figures not broadcast to the public by MSM?

21) Why is the massive public dissent via huge numbers at marches not being reported?


Illogical nonsense like enforced mask wearing to enter a pub but allowing its removal just feet away at the table but again wearing them whilst moving around the premises but not at your table.

This also applies to gyms – wearing masks whilst moving between different areas but not whilst actually at an exercise station. Mask wearing not only fails to offer any protection against Covid, moreover it harms you by forcing you to breathe contaminated exhaled air trapped in your mask. Mask wearing is both dehumanising and a badge of compliance.

23) More Illogical nonsense like having to vacate premises at 10pm.


TV presenters socially distancing whilst ‘on set’ but sharing a taxi on way to studio. Also, with world leaders at G7 summit failing to socially distance but preaching to the public about having to. Selective mask wearing whilst on TV but not ‘off camera’ yet expecting their staff to do so at all times. Same thing with celebrities attending venues like Wimbledon.

25) The use of crisis actors to fuel government propaganda.

26) So many government lies and U turns, re vaccine passports, only 3 weeks to flatten the curve, getting back to normal after the vulnerable have been jabbed, not jabbing children etc.

27) Encouraging children to lie to their parents about getting jabbed.

28) Why are children unable to access medicines like Calpol or paracetamol at school but allowed to take a dangerous, experimental ‘vaccine’ there?

29) The public at large say they don’t trust the government or MSM and yet follow mainstream Covid advice religiously.

30) What do you think would have been the reaction if, in the 1980s, AIDS sufferers had been questioned about their health status in the same way today’s Covid vaccine sceptics are being questioned about their vaccine status?

31) It should be abundantly clear by now that this is not about your health or a dangerous virus when agendas like digital currencies and social credit systems are being ushered in. It never was about a virus – that was just a front to facilitate tyrannical government control.

32) The World Health Organisation, the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens, and Public Health England downgraded COVID-19 to an infectious disease of non-high consequence on 19.3.20

33) If the UK government REALLY did think Covid was a dangerous disease, they wouldn’t have broken their OWN RULES and held a party on 18th December 2020. “Rules for thee, but not for me”

34) You still have restrictions placed upon you in certain scenarios despite being fully jabbed eg travel.

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